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The Knights of the Round Table (円卓の騎士 Entaku no kishi?) are a group that appeared in Sonic and the Black Knight. They are a group of knights and the lieutenants of King Arthur. Most of the members are alternate reality doppelgängers of Sonic's friends and rivals.



Having served King Arthur since during the king's noble rule, the Knights of the Round Table came to be Arthur's most trusted servants and enforcers. As Arthur was corrupted by the power of the scabbard of Excalibur and became a tyrannical ruler, the Knights of the Round Table stood by their king in spite of his change, being bound by their honor and code of chivalry to follow Arthur's every order.

Sonic and the Black Knight[]

Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain and Sir Percival are assigned by King Arthur to track down Sonic the Hedgehog and Merlina the Wizard after they escaped. While Gawain and Percival express their misgivings, the Knights of the Round Table nonetheless obey and pursue Sonic across the Grand Kingdom and beyond. Sir Lancelot is fought in Deep Woods, Sir Gawain upon Titanic Plain and Sir Percival in Molten Mine.

Despite suffering humiliating defeats at the hands of Sonic and Caliburn, the Knights do not give up. While Sonic battles King Arthur on the island of Avalon, Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival manage to track down Merlina in Camelot Castle. The Blue Blur arrives just in time to see Merlina reveal herself as the true villain: the Dark Queen. As the castle falls apart around them, Sonic and the Knights flee through Knight's Passage. In order to save the Kingdom, the former lieutenants of King Arthur agree to work with Sonic and Nimue to halt the Dark Queen's magic by activating four barrier stones. Sir Lancelot rushes to Shrouded Forest, Sir Gawain to Great Megalith, Sir Percival to The Cauldron and Sonic to Dragon's Lair.

The Knights of the Round Table watched from Nimue's pool as Sonic got brutally injured by the Dark Queen, and advised him to back down despite his refusal to give up. Upon witnessing the long-lost light of the sacred swords, the Knights of the Round Table offered their sacred swords to merge with Sonic's Caliburn, transforming Sonic and Caliburn into Excalibur Sonic and Excalibur.

After Sonic defeated Merlina, Sir Lancelot suggested that due to the disappearance of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table had to disband, but Caliburn had already nominated the new king: Sonic. Believing that Sonic was the true King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table bowed down in honor in front of their new king, much to Sonic's dismay.

In other media[]

Archie Comics[]

KnightsofTheRoundTable ATAP

Knights of the Round Table, from Sonic the Hedgehog #197.

The Knights of the Round Table appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. The majority of the group is largely made up of alternate versions of Sonic's friends and they loyally serve under the leadership of the king, King Arthur, and makes their sole appearance in the adaptation of Sonic and the Black Knight 's opening cinematic.[2]

In this continuity, they are beings from another Zone connected to the ‘In Another Time, In Another Place’ reality in the multiverse.

King Arthur led the attack on the royal wizard, Merlina the Wizard, before she retreated with Sonic the Hedgehog. The king would address his subordinate Round Table knights to slay them on sight, and they dutifully followed.

Real world mythology[]

Sonic and the Black Knight's Knights of the Round Table are based on the traditional English legends of King Arthur and Camelot.



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