Knight of Chaos is a Skill used exclusively by Sir Lancelot in Sonic and the Black Knight. When equipped with this Skill, Lancelot can perform the Chaos Blast as a part of his Chaos Punishment technique.


When using Knight of Chaos, Lancelot's sword slash that he uses to attack enemies with during Chaos Punishment is replaced with the Chaos Blast. As such, when Lancelot attacks with Chaos Punishment while equipped with Knight of Chaos, he will perform the Chaos Blast, creating a violent explosion of chaos energy that damages anything caught within its radius. In gameplay, this allows the player to damage multiple enemies in one attack.

In order to use Knight of Chaos in gameplay, Lancelot must be equipped with Ddraig Goch. To performing Knight of Chaos in gameplay, the player simply has to use Lancelot's Chaos Punishment to attack enemies.


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