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Knight's Passage

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Knight's Passage (ナイツ・パッセージ Naitsu passēji?) is the eighth area of Sonic and the Black Knight. It is the first area that the Knights of the Round Table use to escape Merlina, and then split off to find the barrier stones. This is the first area that allows the player to play with characters from the Knights of the Round Table. The area takes place within Camelot's sewers and waterways.


After defeating King Arthur in Avalon, Sonic heads off to Camelot Castle with the Scabbard of Excalibur and sees that the Knights of the Round Table are talking with Merlina, asking her to explain about her motives. Sonic runs in front of Merlina and explains how the Black Knight left this after disappearing in a puff of smoke. Merlina then thanks Sonic and uses the power of scabbard to transform the castle into Dark Hollow. After realizing that he has been betrayed, Sonic decides to escape the collapsing castle along with the Knights of the Round Table. After they manage flee to a location which is a good distance away from the castle, Nimue arrives and explains to them how to stop Dark Hollow's spread surrounding Camelot Castle. The Knights then head off to find the Stone Barriers.


This area is the first one to feature the brand new Knights of the Underworld, and exploits the underground passageways of Camelot Castle. The player runs through the castle, trying to escape. There are a number of water ways the knights take before they manage to escape from the castle to safety.


  • Beat the Clock: Reach the goal before time runs out - 600 followers
  • Special Challenge: Defeat 10 Will 'o Wisps - 250 followers
  • Perfect Challenge: Get to the goal without being hit - 200 followers
  • Legacy: Reach the goal - 200 followers
  • Hide and Seek: Find 3 Hidden Fairies - 250 followers






Name Artist Length Music Track
Knight's Passage Jun Senoue 3:55
Knight's Passage

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