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Knight (stylized as KNIGHT) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a colossal Titan that roams the Starfall Islands, specifically Chaos Island.


Knight is a giant gunmetal robot with a silver face with metal-like dreadlocks, brandishing shield that has retractable blades which can form a buzzsaw and a large, partly red, extendable sword which it stored on its forehead. It has four legs with wheels attached the bottom, allowing for quick mobility.

According to Sage, Knight's appearance may reference one of the five Ancient Tribes, walking on four legs.[1]


Sonic Frontiers[]

In the past, Knight was constructed alongside the other Titans as the Ancients' ultimate weapons against The End should it find their new home on earth. When the day finally came, it was powered up by the Chaos Emeralds and sortied alongside Giganto, Wyvern, and Supreme to battle The End in space. Unable to defeat the entity in battle, Supreme's pilot sacrificed themself to trap The End within their Titan; Giganto, Wyvern, and Knight's pilots used the opening to seal Supreme away in Cyber Space. Following the battle, the remaining Titans returned to the Starfall Islands, where they presumably fell into dormancy following the collapse of the remaining Ancients' civilization.

The Titan is awakened by Sage to take down Sonic, but Sonic outruns its shield. Sonic ends up taking it down when he transforms into Super Sonic and bisects it with its own blade.

As Knight exploded and disintegrated, Super Sonic received a brief vision of the past, which recollected Kinght's pilot telling the pilots about the Supreme's sacrifice, although the full context of the memory would not be made clear until much later.

Powers and Abilities[]

Like the other Titans, Knight is so powerful that Sonic was incapable of defeating it in his base form and needed to become Super Sonic to face it. Its body is incredibly durable, and it can roll along surfaces at high speeds using the ball wheels at the ends of its four legs. Knight is implied to be the fastest and most agile of all the Titans. It can also fly through outer space, and teleport through Cyber Space alongside Sage.

True to its name, Knight wields a gigantic, collapsible sword and a circular shield with buzzsaw blades around the edge. It can throw the shield as a bladed projectile that homes in on Super Sonic, though he can knock it back at it. Even without its main weapons, Knight is a force to be reckoned with, able to kick up metal shockwaves by punching the ground and launch missiles similar to Wyvern. Knight's body is also covered in extendable pillars that each emit rapid laser shots. Knight is also able to summon waves of sharp spikes that will erupt from the ground.

First battle[]

In Chaos Island, Knight serves as the third major boss in Sonic Frontiers.

Boss guide[]

Knight will deploy its shield, which will instantly defeat Sonic at touching him, no matter how many Rings he holds. Initially, it just chases Sonic down in 3D, but when he gets on the Squid's trail, it will first attempt to attack from the background, which he Boost away from. It will then chase behind him for a bit, and then just disappears until near the end, where it goes in front of Sonic and attempts to run him down, and he has to use a convenient set of platforms to dodge it. Then finally, it chases him down to finish the chase, until he jumps off the trail. It then destroys the Squid and leaves.


  • The player is able to skip the entire escape sequence by simply boost off an edge, then dodge to the left. They will be able to roam around and go to the location the cutscene, where Sonic manages to escape, plays.[2]

Second battle[]

Sonic must transform into Super Sonic to stand a chance against KNIGHT. Jump over or parry the stone spikes to reach for KNIGHT's head and gain the upper hand.

— Notification, Sonic Frontiers

Boss guide[]

Knight is the boss of Chaos Island. At the start of the fight, Sonic must wait for Knight to drop his hand to the ground to reach him. Once on the ground, you must grind on the rails of his arm to be launched up to his body. Reach and take the Chaos Emerald on its head to transform into Super Sonic.

After transformation, Knight will take out its sword, initiating the real fight. Wait for Knight swing its sword then parry its attack. Super Sonic will then be able to attack Knight. While attacking Knight will block the attack with its shield, so to get around the shield and be able to attack its head, the player should force target its head by dodging.

If the shield is attacked for several times, Knight will knock Super Sonic way and swings his shield, transformed into a spinning saw, towards Super Sonic. Complete the Real-Time Interaction to make Super Sonic jumps on the shield. Now, control the shield and try to fly back to Knight, which will make Knight take big damage if successful. It's not an easy task as Knight will fire waves of missiles trying to knock Super Sonic away. This segment is very time-consuming, so if possible avoid triggering this at all costs.

After half of its Health Gauge depleted, Knight gets angry and transform its shield into spinning saw again, and throws it to make it bounce around the arena, while he spins around frantically. Intercept Knight’s shield with a parry to send it back into him. Knight will be immobilized and vulnerable to all attacks, be careful though as Knight can still attack. Use this opportunity to parry and counter his attacks.

After he is too weak, he doesn't give up and attacks Super Sonic with his giant sword. The player must catch it and kick it. Then, Super Sonic flies closer and punches him in the face, making him lose his sword. Super Sonic takes it and slices Knight with his own sword. This causes Knight’s right half to shift downwards (revealing that Super Sonic sliced him vertically), prior to exploding and dying.



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