The Klepto Mobile[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was used by Dr. Eggman within the Egg Reverie Zone in an attempt to take the Phantom Ruby from the Phantom King and Sonic the Hedgehog.



The Klepto Mobile is a mech built using a damaged Egg Mobile with added arms. Two red barrel-like arms are planted on the vehicle's sides, while another, spring-like arm is located on the back which is used to grab something from a distance. The arm on the back wears a white glove.

Features and abilities

The Klepto Mobile is a relatively weak machine, considering its seemingly quick and easy creation. Regardless, its arms are powerful enough to match the Phantom Ruby-empowered Phantom King in terms of strength and repel a Super State user. It can also fire a powerful shockwave using the power of the Phantom Ruby.


Sonic Mania

Egg Reverie Heavy King vs Eggman

Eggman fighting the Phantom King for possession of the Phantom Ruby.

The Klepto Mobile was built out of spare parts following Dr. Eggman's defeat in the Titanic Monarch Zone where he lost the Phantom Ruby. The ruby, which ended up in the Egg Reverie Zone where it got taken by an empowered Phantom King, was then pursued by Eggman in the Klepto Mobile. Using the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds however, Super Sonic intervened and destroyed both Klepto Mobile and the Phantom King, before the Phantom Ruby took itself and Sonic through a wormhole.



Super Sonic facing the Klepto Mobile.

The Klepto Mobile appears as one of the two final bosses of Sonic Mania (the other being the Phantom King). During the battle, the Klepto Mobile's arms will swing and punch rapidly at the player. After being hit seven times by the player, the Klepto Mobile will fly across Zone while using the Phantom Ruby to blast a powerful beam at the player. Hit the Klepto Mobile eight times and Eggman will be defeated.


  • Part of the machine's name, as well as its purpose, comes from the word "kleptomania", which is a recurrent urge to steal, typically without regard for need or profit.


Concept artwork


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