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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Kip the Capybara[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an anthropomorphic capybara from another dimension set in the recent past, and a driving instructor.


Kip is an anthropomorphic capybara about the same height as Sonic. He possesses mainly tan fur with brown fur on his belly and muzzle, and black-furred ears with peach inner ears. He also has a large and long muzzle with notable nostrils, round eyes with black pupils and black fur on the inner corners of his eyes, and upstanding ears on the back of his head. He also has fur tuffs protruding from his chest, rear and neck. For attire, he wears a short white scarf around his neck, white gloves with a golden cufflink on each cuff, and red-purple shoes with white cuffs, black toes and white straps. Sometimes, he also wears sunglasses.


Sonic Learns to Drive

Kip and Sonic heading out to save the day, from Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Special.

When Sonic sought to get his driver's license, Kip was made Sonic's driving instructor. As they were going for a drive in Kip's car, however, Sonic showed complete ignorance of the rules of the road, as well as careless driving, much to Kip's exasperation and concern. As Kip tried making Sonic aware of the traffic rules, he eventually had enough of Sonic's antics, prompting him to ask Sonic what he needed a car for if he already was super-fast. In response, Sonic explained that he needed a driving license in order to compete in Mr. Munch-Um's rally race, whose grand prize was a lifetime supply of chili dogs, much to Kip's surprise and astonishment. As Sonic continued to talk though, Kip would evaluate his driving, which he gave the very low "E" rank. With the capybara refusing to be lenient, Kip began explaining to Sonic what his mistakes were, and Sonic finally started to listen to him. As Kip started to show approval of Sonic's driving, however, Sonic would take a hasty detour towards the Mr. Munch-Um's rally race when the radio announced that the event was about to begin. Kip, although shocked at first, soon developed a taste for fast driving. After going through a loop, however, the radio announced that Eggman was attacking the city. Sonic thus tried to head out on foot to stop Eggman, but Kip convinced him to stay in the car and that they both should jump off a ramp, which he always wanted to try. Kip also suggested that Sonic retook the course in ten business days. Immediately after, they both took off at high speed.


As a driving instructor, Kip started out as a stickler who preferred road safety over reckless driving. As such, he would often panic when his students got out of control and did not understand the basic rules governing traffic. After spending time driving with Sonic, however, Kip developed a taste for speed and the thrills that come along with it.[1]

As a driving instructor, Kip is as professional as they come, refusing to be lenient towards a shabby driver or allowing any disregard of the rules on the roads to go unevaluated.[1]

Powers and abilities

Described as "the best driving instructor in the biz", Kip is an experienced car instructor and knows the traffic rules and road safety practices inside and out.[1]


Sonic the Hedgehog

When Kip first met Sonic, he was terrified of him driving his car. He was likewise slightly frightened through the whole ordeal. However, as time went on and Sonic went on his usual reckless behavior, Kip came along. Eventually, he was ready to go on a brand new adventure with Sonic.[1]


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