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The Kintobor Family (also known as the House of Ivo) is an Overlander family (formerly Human until their species was changed to Overlander after the Xorda's first attack on the planet), best known for their remarkable genius that has been handed down from generation to generation, along with their affinity for committing villainous acts. The most well known Kintobor was Julian Kintobor, who successfully ruled over all of Mobius for a decade with an iron fist. Some of the more recent Kintobors (namely Julian and Colin Jr.) have taken the surname Robotnik, the surname of Professor Gerald Robotnik (and Julian's maternal grandfather).

Family History

Ivan's Encounter with the Xorda

See also: Xorda Attack on Earth

During the 21st century of Earth's time, a group of scientists under Dr. Ivan Kintobor created an Alpha 100 series mechanoid known as Isaac, with his hardware created by Professor Clarke while his software was produced by Doctor Niven. When the Xorda attempted to make an alliance with Earth and sent down an emissary to see to it that the alliance was achieved, Dr. Kintobor and his team of scientists captured and dissected the creature. Dr. Kintobor used the Xorda technology from the emissary to make a power matrix for Isaac that would end up lasting the robot for 10,000 years. Angered by the death of their emissary, the Xorda retaliated by launching Gene Bombs at the planet triggering volcanic reactions which sent billions of tons of ash and dirt into the atmosphere and almost destroyed all life on the planet. But Kintobor programmed Isaac to ensure his survival in the "post apocalyptic environment". For several decades after the attack, Isaac was programmed by Kintobor to monitor and collect information on the affects the bombs had on the planet, as well as monitoring Dr. Kintobor's life cell chamber. Isaac continued to do this for the next ten thousand years, despite the fact that the doctor's plan had failed and he was now dead. (StH: #148, #165)

Brutus's Attempted Invasion of the Floating Island

See also: Brutus Kintobor

Thousands of years later, Ivan's descendent, Brutus Kintobor, led a group of Overlanders to invade the Floating Island, only to be thwarted by the island's current Guardian, Steppenwolf, who overpowered the Overlanders and drove them off the island with the help of the Fire Ant's telepathy. (KtE: #25)

Gerald's Research for Maria


Gerald Robotnik doing research to cure his granddaughter

See also: Gerald Robotnik (Pre-Super Genesis Wave) and Maria Robotnik (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)

Gerald Robotnik (whose daughter would marry into the Kintobor family) became a professor in the Human city of Station Square. When asked by the President of the city to make immortality possible, Gerald at first refused to do so, but learned that his granddaughter, Maria, had developed a rare but terminal disease known as Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, so Gerald agreed to make immortality possible to save Maria, and brought her along with him to the Space Colony ARK. In order to break through some barriers in his research, Gerald asked for the help of alien known as Black Doom who assisted in the creation of Shadow the Hedgehog, an immortal being that he thought would be his greatest weapon, but Gerald betrayed him and turned Shadow into a champion for Mobius. Unfortunately, the military later discontinued Gerald's research and killed Maria, who was shot in the back by a soldier while aiding Shadow's escape. Burning with vengeance for the loss of his granddaughter, Gerald somehow managed to reprogram Shadow to carry out his revenge fifty years later before his scheduled execution. (StH: #98, #157, #171)

The Kintobor Brothers

See also: Colin Kintobor and Julian Kintobor

Very little is known about the formative years of Julian and Colin Kintobor, except that growing up Julian considered his brother "annoying". As the brothers got older both branched off into very different fields. Julian, with his exceeding intelligence, went into the field of science while Colin went into law. Julian worked along side the scientist Nate Morgan during his efforts to artificially create a Power Ring as a clean alternative to fossil fuels. However, Julian sabotaged one of the experiments, and the damages done resulted in Nate being banished, thus placing Julian in control of the lab. (StH: #65, #72)

As the Great War began, Julian was one of the many scientists hired to develop weapons of mass destruction. During this time Julian first developed the Ultimate Annihilator, but was never able to test it as he planned on using his own people as test subjects. Colin, now the Minister of Justice, sentenced Julian to ten years imprisonment. Julian managed to escape captivity and make it to the Badlands where he was pick up by Jules and Sir Charles Hedgehog. Following this, Colin joined the military forced and fought in the Great War on the front lines, while Julian became a tactician and eventually Warlord for the Kingdom of Acorn. (StH: #50, #72, #76)

Eventually, the Mobians were able to cause a stalemate with the Overlanders due to tactical advantage provided by Julian. Around this time, Colin's teenage son Colin Jr., whom he nicknamed "Snively" due to his treacherous nature, left his father to join his uncle and work for him. Young Snively and Julian conspired together how to overthrow the Kingdom of Acorn as the war continued to go in the Mobian's favor. (StH: #72, #105)

Following a particular battle near Mobotropolis, Colin's platoon was caught by surprise when a team of Mobian troops flanked them. Colin managed to shoot Amadeus Prower in the eye and also escape through a series of underground catacombs. Eventually the Great War ended with the Mobians triumphant. Overwhelmed with shame for their loss to the supposedly inferior Mobians, Colin and approximately seventy other Overlander families blasted off into space in search of a new planet to call their home, but were unsuccessful in locating one. Colin re-married at some point, as Snively's mother had died while giving birth, though his second wife did not survive their space exploration and he was life caring for his step-daughter Hope. (StH: #76, #93, #94, #105, #106)

Julian as Robotnik

See: Robotnik's coup d'état

Shortly after the Overlanders went into space, King Maximillian Acorn informed Warlord Julian that he was to dismantle the War Ministry immediately, as the king had made him the Minister of Science. Unbeknownst to King Max, Julian had other plans. By this point, Julian had developed the SWATbot model and had it in full production. That night, Julian gave his nephew Colin Jr., (now going by the name of Snively), permission to deploy the SWATbots and begin his coup. Mobotropolis came under siege in several various locations simultaneously in order to prevent retaliation. King Max was soon brought before Julian, where Julian's schemes were finally revealed. Having renamed himself Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Julian demonstrated to King Max the roboticization process on several captured Mobians. Following this he proceeded to banish King Max into the Zone of Silence as he had with Kodos during the Great War. With the king now disposed of, Robotnik had his SWATbot army round up the remaining citizens of Mobotropolis and roboticized them. Approximately ninety percent of the city's population was roboticized, while the rest managed to escape to the Great Forest. (StH: #43)

Robotnik's military coup had lasting global impacts and marked the beginning of Robotnik's ten year rule over the entire planet. Following his takeover of Mobotropolis, which he renamed Robotropolis—the main city of Robotnik's empire, the despot sent out his hordes of robotic armies to capture and roboticize other Mobians. Not long after taking Mobotropolis, Robotnik had even sent an army of SWATbots to his home city of Megapolis, only to discover it was completely abandoned. From the far off Kingdom of Mercia and Sand Blast City, to the wandering Lost Tribe of Echidnas, to the distant continent of Downunda, Robotnik managed to capture and roboticize Mobians all over the globe. From there, he placed various Lieutenants and regional dictators, such as the infamous High Sheriff and Crocbot, to ensure that any rebellious acts would be quelled. (StH: #58, #61, #62, #72, KtE: #11)

After ten years of controlling the planet however, Robotnik fell to the forces of the Freedom Fighters. After Operation: EndGame was nearing a success, and Knothole was seemingly erased by the Ultimate Annihilator, Robotnik faced off against Sonic the Hedgehog in his war room. Due to Snively's tampering with the weapon, the Ultimate Annihilator targeted the war room and specifically Robotnik's DNA, thus erasing him from existence when it fired. Robotnik would make only one return the following year. After Chaos Knuckles warped time and space, Dr. Eggman was able to temporarily restore Robotnik's molecules together. The effect was only temporary, and the Knothole Freedom Fighters managed to destroy the device, ending any possibility of Robotnik returning again. (StH: #108, SSS: #6)

Snively's Rise and Fall from Power

See also: Snively Robotnik

Snively had long been planning to betray his uncle "Robotnik" after suffering years of verbal abuse at his hands. After finally succeeding by tampering with the Ultimate Annihilator and having Robotnik erased, Snively did his best to take control of his late-uncle's empire. It wasn't long however before the various Freedom Fighter groups entered Robotropolis, at which point Snively challenged them in a DYNAMIC battle suit. Ultimately he was not match for all of them and Snively was subsequently captured and sent to the Devil's Gulag where numerous other traitors and convicts were incarcerated. (StH: #50, SSS: #2)

Snively managed to escape incarceration, though only due to unknown help by Robo-Robotnik, who used his satellites to unlock all of the cell doors. Because Snively was believed to have been behind it, the other convicts made him their leader and soon they conspired to capture Nate Morgan and use his scientific genius to their own ends. (StH: #62, #63, #69)

However, after capturing Nate the convicts and Snively were discovered by Sonic, Geoffrey St. John and the Royal Secret Service. Snively was captured by a giant squid mutate controlled by Robo-Robotnik and secretly transported up to Robo-Robotnik's satellite station. (StH: #69, #70)

Fearing for his own life, as Robo-Robotnik was likely to roboticize him, Snively worked with the Knothole Freedom Fighters to not only escape from Robo-Robotnik's satellites, but also destroy them and Robo-Robotnik. However, the robot dictator simply transferred his consciousness into a new body, becoming Dr. Eggman. Snively helped the Freedom Fighters one more time, implanting a computer virus inside Mobotropolis' computer systems so that the location of Knothole could not be discovered after Dr. Eggman took over the city. After this Snively parted ways with the heroes, living out in secrecy in Robotropolis. (StH: #75, #76)

Snively was eventually located and captured by Dr. Eggman, but was offered the chance to work for him again, as well as get revenge on his father Colin, who had recently returned from outer space with 70 other Overlander families. Snively despised his father for failing to recognize his intellect, and thus agreed to work with Eggman. After Colin Sr. was roboticized along with Lady Agnes, Snively willingly allowed himself to be roboticized as well, learning the alternative was to die from toxic radiation poisoning due to prolonged exposure living in Robotropolis. Snively then schemed with his robotic "uncle" to get rid of the Freedom Fighters. Snively and Eggman's robotic bodies were destroyed a series of times, once by nuclear missiles launched by Station Square, later by Sleuth throwing a grenade at them. (StH: #94, #105, #110, #117)

During the Xorda's attack on New Megaopolis, Snively went missing, likely taking this opportunity to escape Eggman once and for all (as he and Eggman had been transformed back into organic beings by the Bem earlier). The following year after Sonic's return from space, Snively was seen inside the Nanite city and eventually joined the Freedom Fighters, helping them to stop the nanites from spreading. Becoming a member of the "Brain Trust" along with Rotor, Tails, Sir Charles and Tommy, Snively worked with the Freedom Fighters to examine the nanites. However, upon learning of a planned invasion by Knothole by the Eggman Empire, Snively took up Eggman's final offer to join him, though not before convincing his step-sister Hope to move to the United Federation. Snively then took part in the Destruction of Knothole and later worked to modify the Egg Grapes to contain Enerjak. (StH: #124, #152, #154, #162, #175, #177, #182)

After Enerjak crippled the Eggman Empire, Snively found himself again on the receiving end of Eggman's verbal abuse. As the despot began losing his grip on reality, Snively schemed with his new romance Regina F. how they could both take over the Eggman Empire. When Dimitri threatened to expose Snively if he did not help him, Snively offered Dimitri the chance to benefit from Regina's arrival as well. During Eggman's "final showdown" with Sonic, Snively ensured that Eggman was set up to be caught, while waiting for the arrival of his girlfriend. (StH: #183, #194, #197, #198, #199)

Dr. Eggman as Robotnik's Replacement

Hope Kintobor


Almost all blood related male Kintobors have similar appearances that usually consist of red hair, red eyes with black sclerae, large mustaches, ugliness, being overweight, and baldness (mainly within the family intellectuals). Blood related females have much different appearances that consist of blonde hair, blue eyes, and being rather pretty.


  • "Kintobor" is actually "Robotnik" spelled backwards.
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