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Kintobor Computer in the Control Centre from Sonic the Comic #121. Art by Richard Elson.

The Kintobor Computer is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a self-aware computer program, possessing the knowledge and personality of Doctor Ovi Kintobor (from before his transformation into Doctor Ivo Robotnik). It is frequently used by the Freedom Fighters, with whom it interacts by means of a holographic projection of Kintobor's head.



The Kintobor Computer in its original location in Sonic's Secret Underground Base from Sonic the Comic #26. Art by Mike Hadley and John M. Burns.

During the explosion of the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor (which caused Kintobor's transformation into Robotnik), Kintobor's brainwaves were somehow imprinted onto one of the Golden Rings of Mobius. Porker Lewis was able to use this ring to transfer the good doctor's personality into a computer system built into Kintobor's old lab.[1]

Following Robotnik's conquest of Mobius,[2] the Kintobor Computer became an integral part of the resistance movement. He was used to monitor Robotnik's transmissions and keep track of Robotnik's forces.[3][4]

When Robotnik discovered their base, Kintobor was re-transferred onto a Golden Ring[5] and taken with them when they escaped, disguised as "Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus".[6] He was soon uploaded into a much smaller, portable computer in their caravan, but was still able to track Robotnik's transmissions as before.[7] Despite being forced to operate in what he called a "cramped little portable", the Kintobor Computer was still state of the art.[8]

After Robotnik's downfall,[9] Kintobor was uploaded into Sonic's new base in the Emerald Hill Zone, the Control Centre, and hooked into a network of sensors around the Zone so that he could detect if it was ever attacked.[10] He was soon upgraded so that he could monitor every area of the Planet, including the Metropolis Zone.[11]

Grimer managed to hack into the Kintobor program, taking control of it so that it attacked Sonic by means of a Kintobor Badnik. Sonic was unable to defeat the Badnik one-on-one, as Kintobor knew him so well that he could predict Sonic's moves.[12] Sonic managed to defeat Kintobor by running back to the Control Centre in the Emerald Hill Zone and switching off the computer. Porker was able to install a protective sub-routine into the Kintobor program to make sure it would never happen again and the kindly Doctor's personality continued to live on as a light-hearted machine, but this was all part of Grimer's plan to secretly install his own surveillance software so that he could monitor Sonic's every move.[13]



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