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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Kingdom Valley (Sonic)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Kingdom Valley (Shadow)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Kingdom Valley (Silver)

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Kingdom Valley is an Action Stage in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It is north-east of Soleanna and once housed its old kings. The last resident of this place was the Duke of Soleanna, but following the events of the Solaris Project, Kingdom Valley was largely abandoned. In the present, it is the site of one of Dr. Eggman's bases. Kingdom Valley abounds with water, making the ancient ruins and weak wood platforms not the best footholds.



Abandoned after the downfall of the royal family of Soleanna, Kingdom Valley houses the majestic palaces that once hosted grand galas and magnificent ceremonies. Now, the crumbling castles are slowly falling into disrepair, with no help from Dr. Eggman’s mech army having taken up residence in them. His mechanized forces have taken up position within the once-impregnable walls of the royal stronghold. Sonic the Hedgehog must cross the valley in pursuit of Princess Elise before Dr. Eggman escapes Soleanna and discovers how to unlock the Flames of Disaster. Fortunately, now that Silver the Hedgehog has come to realize that Sonic is not the threat Silver once believed, the psychic hedgehog joins the cause to stop Eggman before he is able to ruin the future.

The first part of the Stage sees Sonic running through the ruins and trying to reach the Egg Carrier. The second part is Silver helping Sonic to reach Elise. It features a Super-Speed area at the end, which takes place in a set of ruins encircled by rushing water that Sonic also needs to run along. This is the fourth and final high-speed area, after Wave Ocean, Crisis City and Radical Train.


Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat head for Kingdom Valley outside Soleanna, the grand castles that were once home to the monarchy, but now have crumbled into dust. Dr. Eggman’s robots currently occupy the ornate structures, however, giving Shadow ample targets for his chaos-fueled attacks. The waters and skies of Kingdom Valley are treacherous, and Shadow must rely on his Jet Glider and Hovercraft to push through the robotic resistance. However, when ancient doors cannot be unlocked by force, Shadow must call upon Rouge to help him hunt down a set of keys hidden in the castle by Eggman’s minions. After the stage has been completely opened up, Shadow must ride the wind and seek the exit in order to escape Kingdom Valley and push closer to the truth about Dr. Eggman’s schemes following Rouge's escape from White Acropolis with the Scepter of Darkness.

Shadow's version is not hard and has basic enemies to defeat, such as the Egg Flyer, Egg Gunner, Egg liner, and Egg Cannon. Shadow will also have to ride a wind rail and an Eagle to complete the stage, and the player will take control of Rouge to find three keys. The player should not use the Homing Attack to activate the Wind switch to use the wind rail when Shadow is in his Chaos Boost state, because Shadow will not perform the Homing Attack but will instead fall into the water.

After completing the stage, Shadow and Rouge are then ambushed by Dr. Eggman at the extraction point, which leads to Mephiles being released and taking Shadow's form. Mephiles then sent Shadow and Rouge into the future to Crisis City. Shadow later returns here to find the red Chaos Emerald in the End of the World.


Silver the Hedgehog makes his way to Kingdom Valley, the site of the royal residences, where the Duke of Soleanna lived prior to the scientific accident that forced him to seal the Flames of Disaster in his only child, Princess Elise. Silver must infiltrate the valley, battling back an army of robots in order to meet up with Sonic, who is also razing the majestic valley in his efforts the thwart Dr. Eggman. If Silver and Sonic can catch up with Dr. Eggman’s cruiser and rescue the princess before Eggman is able to release the flames, perhaps they can restore Silver’s future.

Silver's Act is considered the hardest, save for Sonic's section. It has a large number of enemies placed throughout the level.

Silver Medal Locations


  1. When the player reaches the second Eagle, instead of taking it, they should look ahead. They will see three platforms, one of them having a 1-Up on it. The player should collect that item and hit the Spring next to it. After the first point marker, the player must run on the side of the wall. The Silver Medal is on this wall below the path of Rings.
  2. Starting from the beginning of the stage, the player should take the second Eagle this time, and they will see a Rainbow Ring at the end of the ride. They must jump up to the ring, which will lead the player to a Wind switch to activate a jet stream to ride on. Afterward, the player should turn to the right, and they will see the second medal behind the rocks in the cave.
  3. While waiting for the eagle to lead up to the second section, the player should look to the left to see a tiny platform with a tree on it. The Silver Medal is behind the tree.
  4. In Silver's section after the first barred doorway, the medal is located on a platform behind the fence.
  5. Inside the giant tower, the player must float out to the chandelier to pick up the fifth Silver Medal.
  6. In the third section after getting across the second point marker, the sixth Silver Medal is along the strip, just before a Ramp.
  7. After jumping off of the ramp, the player must Homing Attack the Egg Flyers. The seventh medal is on the left before the player reaches the Dash Panel.
  8. As the player closes in on the final platform of the third section, they should look for the eighth Silver Medal in the middle of the jet stream.
  9. The ninth Silver Medal is on the left side of the track in the fourth section, right before a fissure.
  10. In the second wall running of the section, the tenth medal is near the end toward the top.


  1. From the start of Rouge's Section, the player should head to the right to find the Silver Medal guarded by a laser field. They must destroy all of the surrounding enemies to open it.
  2. After the first medal, the player should turn slightly to the right and land on the platform in clear sight, which has the second Silver Medal placed on it.
  3. The player should continue on the right side of the large building, a slight distance past the large stained-glass window that leads to a key. They should see the medal between two pillars over the water.
  4. It is placed on top of one of the collapsing platforms.
  5. At the key guarded by the Egg Walker, the player should head to the left down the narrow pathway. The Silver Medal is hidden in one of the Containers near the Egg Armors.
  6. From the previous medal's position, the ayer should glide to the right to a higher platform. The medal can be found on top of it.
  7. In the Hover Craft section, the player should go to the right of the entrance to the tunnel they need to go down. The Silver Medal is behind a huge tower.
  8. In the final section, the eighth medal is over the spiked bar which has a group of Egg Gunners and Egg Stingers behind it.
  9. The player should look for the ninth Silver Medal to the left of the second point marker of the final section, hidden behind some wooden crates.
  10. Before jumping into the Goal Ring and completing the stage, the player must smash all of the Containers inside the tower to score the last Silver Medal.


  1. The player must lift the Steel Containers inside the first tower with Psychokinesis to reveal the first Silver Medal.
  2. The second medal is just beyond the bars the player wrenches open with PK; it is right next to the first point marker.
  3. Once the player reaches the first Egg Buster and an Egg Walker, they must destroy them, then Levitate on top of the Steel Container to the right platform. The Silver Medal is behind bars up there.
  4. After the second point marker, the fourth Silver Medal is hidden in a rock pile on a circular platform, which is to the right of the bridge with the trio of Egg Launchers.
  5. After the third point marker, the Silver Medal can be found to the left of the door guarded by an Egg Hunter, on a platform behind the fence.
  6. After getting inside a tower filled with Egg Guardians and and Egg Lancers with Sonic, the player must kick the Steel Container to the tower’s left side to reveal the sixth Silver Medal.
  7. Switching back to Silver, after the player stops bouncing off the Springs, they must look on the ledge behind them to spot the seventh Silver Medal.
  8. The eighth medal hangs in the air to the right of the first pendulum of this section.
  9. At the last pendulum, the player must swing back and launch into the air, then Levitate out to pick up the ninth Silver Medal floating high in the sky. The player should be sure to lurch back so that Silver drops onto the tower ledge beneath him.
  10. At the very end of the stage, the final medal is tucked behind a tree on the right side of the grassy landing.


  • In Sonic's story, the player can skip over Silver's part of Kingdom Valley and finish the Action Stage without him by using the Purple Gem.
  • Shadow is the only character for whom Kingdom Valley is not the penultimate level.
  • Shadow's first section of the level actually takes place in the same location of Sonic's first section. However, Sonic's Eagle platform is located behind the player's starting point in Shadow's version of this stage and therefore it cannot be reached. But, if the player manages to reach it through hacking and goes past the Eagle section to the right, they should see a set of Springs posited one above the other on the right wall of the section. This set of Springs points to an inaccessible area that is located above a bottomless pit, and includes a floating Spring.
    • In Sonic's version of the stage, this set of Springs is not found, but the floating Spring that they should have sent the player to is still present.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Kingdom Valley ~Wind ~ The Castle ~ Lakeside ~ Water~ Mariko Nanba 6:49



Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Sonic - Kingdom Valley - Hard Mode (S-Rank)


Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Silver - Kingdom Valley - Hard Mode (S-Rank)


Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Shadow - Kingdom Valley - Hard Mode (S-Rank)


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