For the Event in Team Sonic Racing, see King of the Hill (Team Sonic Racing).
King of the hill1

King of the Hill mode loading screen

King of the Hill is one of the battle mode competitions in Sonic Rivals 2 played in Act 2 of any zone. It is the only battle mode competition that is never played during any character's story and thus can only be played in Free Play mode.


The player's character needs to stand under a beam of light emitted by Omochao. Doing this will score points for him/her. The player's rival will be attempting to do the same thing. The player can keep wait under the light beam till the rival comes and then attack him/her. Using Power-Up may not help very much since it takes time searching for it. Eventually Omochao will stop emitting the beam of light, flies off to another location and emit the beam of light there. The player and his/her rival would have to reach at that location to continue scoring points. The character who reaches a specified amount of points by standing under Omochao's light wins. In Free Play mode, the player can set the number of points required to win for 2,000, 4,000 or 8,000 points


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