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This transformation exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Gone is the useless fox you all once knew. I finally realized my true power! I am one with the hive.

— King of the Bee Bots, "You and I Bee-come One"

The King of the Bee Bots[1] is a transformation that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a form that Miles "Tails" Prower accidentally achieved when his Matter Transporter merged him with a Bee Bot, effectively turning him into a cyborg with a link to the Bee Bot hive mind.


As the King of the Bee Bots, Tails looks much like his original self, but with Bee Bot components in several places on his body. First of all, he has a metallic dot on his forehead, and the left side of his face is now metallic. His left eye has also become round and cyan-glowing with a slit-like pupil, and on his back he has a set of Bee Bot wings. Both of his tails have also been turned into Bee Bot abdomens, complete with red stingers.


TV series

Season two

When Tails tested his Matter Transporter, a Bee Bot joined him in his teleportation pod. The subsequent teleportation procedure merged Tails and the Bee Bot, thus creating link between Tails' mind and the Bee Bots' network. Team Sonic tried at first to fix Tails after seeing him like this, but had to postpone it to go on a rescue mission. During the mission, Tails saw how his new form made him stronger, and decided to stay like this. However, Tails was gradually possessed by the Bee Bots' hive mind until he decided to ditch his team and free the Bee Bots Team Sonic had caught. Assuming command over the Bee Bots, Tails attacked his friends, who retreated after they saw that each Bee Bot they destroyed hurt Tails. Sonic later lured Tails out, and his team proceeded to smash Bee Bots until Tails passed out, thereby allowing them to return Tails to normal with the Matter Transporter.[1]

Powers and abilities

As the King of the Bee Bots, Tails is much stronger and faster than in his normal form. In terms of strength, he can smash a table with a single hit and lift several people with no effort in this form. In addition, his bee wings allow him to fly much more precisely that he can with his twin-tails, and his stinger-mounted twin-tails can fire lasers hot enough to melt snow piles in almost an instant.[1]

Thanks to being part Bee Bot, Tails possesses a link to the Bee Network, the system that connects the Bee Bots. This grants Tails a hive mind-based intelligence, allowing him to share a collective consciousness between multiple bodies, communicate with the hive members telepathically, and commandeer Bee Bots.[1]


Tails' link to the Bee Bot hive mind is his greatest weakness in this form. If left in this form for too long, Tails' mind will succumb to the Bee Bot hive mind, causing him to gradually lose his humanity and personality, and act upon the Bee Bots' innate programming. This subconsciously forces him to carry out any task or objective the programming dictates.[1]

Because of his connection to the interconnected Bee Network, Tails feels pain whenever a Bee Bot gets destroyed, with his sensation of pain occurring in the spot equivalent to the spot on the Bee Bot (e.g. if a Bee Bot gets pierced through the chest, Tails will feel pain his chest too). For each hive member destroyed, Tails will get weakened, and if too many are destroyed, he will pass out.[1]


"Does anyone else hear those voices?"
—Tails hearing the hive mind's call as the King of the Bee Bots, "You and I Bee-come One"
"Are you kidding? I love being a bee! I'll never again need the crutch of science to make me interesting."
—Tails getting a little too comfortable with his King of the Bee Bots form, "You and I Bee-come One"
"Not interested. Survival of the fittest and all."
—Tails refusing to save Chumley, "You and I Bee-come One"
"I received your messages, my worker bees."
—Tails answering the hive mind's call, "You and I Bee-come One"
"Yes... Gather... Swarm! For I am the King of the Bee Bots!"
—Tails assuming command over the Bee Bots, "You and I Bee-come One"


  • As the King of the Bee Bots, Tails speaks in a slightly higher pitch and with a subtle buzzing sound.
  • The King of the Bee Bots is similar to the Brundlefly from the 1986 American science-fiction horror film The Fly.
  • The King of the Bee Bots bear a resemblance to Tails' supposed cyborg form in Sonic Lost World.


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