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For the Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) character of the same name, see Solomon.

King Solomon (ソロモン王 Soromon-ō?) is a character that appears in Sonic and the Secret Rings. He is one of the kings in the world of the Arabian Nights and apparently the one who sealed away creatures like the Ifrit Golem in ancient times.




Long before the events of Sonic and the Secret Rings, King Solomon sealed away many evil spirits. This angered the spirits who decided to join with Erazor Djinn to get revenge.

Sonic and the Secret Rings

King Solomon before restored.

After Erazor had served his sentence, he sent the Forty Thieves and other spirits to kill Solomon, whom was threat to his plans. Solomon survived, but his body got scattered throughout his castle. When Sonic and Shahra arrived, he had them recover his body and eliminate the Forty Thieves in return for advice on how to defeat Erazor. He was especially intrigued by Sonic, whom he could tell had been cursed. After being restored, Solomon told Sonic and Shahra of how to unlock Erazor's palace. Though Sonic assured he would take care of Erazor as he and Shahra left, Solomon remained concerned as he could sense "death approaching."


  • "Indeed! I am the great and powerful King Solomon!"
  • "Don't think I'm happy looking this way either! The Erazor Djinn did this to me! He resurrected the 40 thieves as evil spirits and sent them to attack me here."


  • King Solomon is similar to the wise Jewish King, Solomon, in three ways:
    • His name is based on the king of the same name.
    • He has hair locks on his sideburns, which is a cultural attribute to certain branches of Judaism.
    • His concept art reveals a six-point star on his clothing, another symbolic attribute to Judaism.
  • Solomon is the only character in Sonic and the Secret Rings that is neither a djinn or an alternate version of a person from Sonic's world.


Concept artwork