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Quotation1 My sleep has been disturbed. I want to walk among the living again. Quotation2
— King Boom Boo, Sonic X #14

King Boom Boo (キングブーブ Kingubūbu?) is a character that appears in the Sonic X anime series and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is a giant ghost who haunts an ancient and abandoned castle on Earth, and the leader of his Booms and Boom Boos subordinates.


King Boom Boo is a colossal spirit, being several times the size of the Booms. His overall appearance resembles that of the stereotypical ghost, possessing a white body with a sack-like shape and pointy turf on top of his head. Dominating his face is a large maw with blue lips, sharp white teeth, and a multicolored tongue. His eyes are also multicolored, but small and swollen with black pupils. Also, instead of legs, King Boom Boo has a wispy tail. He also has two arms with three claw-shaped fingers on his hands.




The details of King Boom Boo's background and how he and his Booms came to be in their castle are unclear, though it is implied to be tied to a legendary subject[2] (in the English dub, it is implied he originates from an ancient burial ground that the castle was build upon and that he and the Booms were behind the disappearance of the castle's original owner[3]).

Chaos Emerald Saga

When a film studio was shooting a movie starring Lindsey Thorndyke at King Boom Boo's castle, King Boom Boo and his minions were awoken when the talisman that kept them trapped in their world was removed from its pedestal. The Booms then began kidnapping the people in the castle and taking them to King Boom Boo, which included Lindsey, Ella, Tails, Cream, Cheese and Sonic, who got trapped in a space inside the walls.[3]


Sonic facing King Boom Boo.

When Chris and Amy came to the ghosts' hideout to find their friends, King Boom Boo mimicked Sonic's voice while staying out of sight. Convincing Amy that Sonic was talking to her, King Boom Boo had her use the talisman the way he instructed her. This allowed King Boom Boo to break free and enter the living world. An angry Amy tried to attack him, but King Boom Boo easily evaded her, caught her, and had one of his Booms possess her.[3] The possessed Amy then began chasing Chris so he could be sacrificed to King Boom Boo.[2] King Boom Boo laughed at Chris' misery, but when Chris discovered how to use the talisman against the ghosts, King Boom Boo tried to stop him. However, he was too slow, and Chris freed his imprisoned friends. As his minions got defeated by Sonic and Amy, King Boom Boo turned his attention to Sonic, who defeated the ghost king using a Ring-fueled Spin Attack that left King Boom Boo buried in rubble. Enraged, King Boom Boo quickly recovered and began chasing after Sonic and his friends while they were trying to escape, tearing through the catacombs in his rage. However, Sonic and co. got out in time and closed the entrance to the catacombs. Chris then resealed King Boom Boo and his minions in the last moment by returning the talisman to its pedestal.[3]

Archie Comics


King Boom Boo commanding his minions, from Sonic X #14.

After the incident at the castle, the talisman was stolen from the castle and taken to one of Lindsey Thorndyke's summer homes. Summoned there by the talisman, King Boom Boo was disturbed from his sleep by the endless activity from a recently-built tennis court. Now unable to stay in his world, King Boom Boo had his Booms possessed enough of the local residents, including Cheese, Lindsey and Vanilla the Rabbit, for him to enter the world of the living for good. However, Cream and Chris managed to reason with King Boom Boo that his time on Earth was over, and he conceded to retract his presence and have his ghosts release their hosts, but only if the talisman was returned to its proper place by dawn, which was done by Sonic. Lindsey then planned to convert the tennis court into a garden to further ensure King Boom Boo's continued sleep.[4]


Capable of coherent speech, King Boom Boo is cunning, deceiving and merciless. He knows how to exploit his victims' weaknesses, having expertly manipulated Amy by using her love for Sonic, and relishes in the suffering of others, like when he laughed openly at Chris while he was being chased around by his possessed friend. However, when angered, King Boom Boo gives into unbridled anger and enters a destructive frenzy.[3] Regardless, he is reasonable and has a distinct sense of honor, as shown when he kept his promise to Chris and Cream of releasing the people his minions had possessed after they had met his demands.[4]

Powers and abilities

A supernatural being, King Boom Boo possesses many different powers. He is capable of levitation and can seemingly teleport by vanishing into thin air. He possesses enormous physical strength, enough to let him barge through solid rock without effort, and has enough durability to take a direct Ring-enhanced Spin Attack from Sonic and get back up on his feet in a very short time. He can also manipulate the sound of his voice, as when he imitated Sonic's voice in order to trick Amy.[3]

King Boom Boo possesses a strong connection to his ghost minions, allowing to draw strength from them; the more living people his ghosts possess, the stronger his bridge to the living world becomes, eventually reaching the point where he can cross over on his own.[4]


"I've always loved you, Amy."
—King Boom Boo manipulating Sonic's voice in "Sonic's Scream Test".
"Wonderful Amy. Now place that stone on the space of the wall with the moon side facing upwards."
—King Boom Boo manipulating Sonic's voice to instruct Amy what to do with the talisman.
"Thank you Amy."
—King Boom Boo upon his release.
"Come my minions. There is much work to be done!"
—King Boom Boo to his ghost minions in Sonic X #14
"The more living beings my ghosts inhabit, the stronger my bridge to your world becomes. Once they have possessed enough people... I will be able to cross over to the living world."
—King Boom Boo explaining his plans of crossing into the living world in Sonic X #14
"I can no longer rest in our world. It has become too noisy. Whenever I try to sleep, there is a pound pound pound noise. It's enough to wake the dead! And it did!"
—King Boom Boo explaining why he cannot rest in his own world in Sonic X #14
"Yes, little ones. That would be very considerate of you. Return the talisman by dawn, and I shall release the humans and we ghosts will return to our resting place."
—King Boom Boo agreeing to release his captives in Sonic X #14


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