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"Air Boost" redirects here. For the airborne boost, see Air Boost. For the move in Sonic Rivals, see Air Boost (Sonic Rivals).

The Kick Dash,[1] also known as the Air Boost,[2] is a move that appears in the Sonic Riders series. It is a racing maneuver used by racers riding on Extreme Gear who use Air to give themselves a burst of speed.


When performing the Kick Dash, the user releases a burst of air from the rear of their Extreme Gear, resulting in both being propelled forward at high speed.

In gameplay, the Kick Dash gives the player a momentary increase in speed, enabling the player to reach top speeds almost immediately. To perform the Kick Dash in gameplay, the players must have Air in their Air Tank. However, the move uses considerable amount of Air in the Air Tank, the amount of which depends on the Extreme Gear, so it should only be used sparingly. In addition, the Air Boost can also activate the special abilities of some Extreme Gears.

Game appearances[]

Sonic Riders series[]

Sonic Riders[]

The move first appeared in Sonic Riders, where it is called the Air Boost.[2] To perform the Air Boost in gameplay, the player must press [Z] // XboxX/XboxB // SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO/Gamecube X Button // Cross/Circle with a sufficient amount of Air remaining in the Air Tank.

In addition to increasing speed, the Air Boost can be used to attack opponents in front of the player, temporarily disorienting them while gaining some Air.

Sonic Free Riders[]

The move reappeared in Sonic Free Riders, where it is renamed the kick dash.[3] Due to the Kinect controls, to perform Kick Dash in gameplay, the player has to kick their back leg out if riding a Board type Extreme Gear, or kick their right leg out if riding a Bike type Extreme Gear, while having Air in their Air Gauge. Unlike the Air Boost in the previous game, the Kick Dash can be performed regardless of how much Air is remaining in the Air Gauge. In addition, each user of the Kick Dash shouts their own quote when triggering the move:


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