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The character select for Kart Race.

The Kart Race is a hidden option that appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 and its remakes Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. It can be played in both single- and multiplayer mode.


In Sonic Adventure 2, the player can access the Kart Race after completing Route 101 or Route 280. This will open a hidden option in the one-player option called "Kart Race" which will take the player to a list of all the characters in the main gameplay, each with their own carts that differ in abilities.[1] The player can also achieve more carts designs by completing all of his/her missions.[2]

During the races, the player has to press the Jump button to accelerate, the action button to break and collect at least twenty Rings to use a speed boost by pressing the special action button. However, if the player does use the boost with twenty Rings and collects forty Rings, they can only use the boost once. The player can also determine the difficulty of the challenge from Easy to Hard.

Kart racers

Character Description Image
Sonic The hedgehog is a fast driver. His speed is only matched by Shadow, his acceleration is good, and his grip is fine. His braking is low.

Sonic is also able to get a kart with a larger, fanned-out back from the official VMU download called High-Speed Trial Kart Racing. This downloadable content has been available in the game's North American website. It also includes the race track "High-Speed Trial" that contain curves, Dash Panels, and an instrumental version of "Live and Learn" as background music. In Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, this exclusive kart is available after completing all of his missions, but without the "High-Speed Trial" race track.

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Shadow Shadow’s stats are almost equal to Sonic’s. He’s a great driver for beginning players. Sonic2app 2015-05-07 23-35-54-350
Tails The fox is quick off the line with very high acceleration. Sustained speed is not his forte, but the decent grip helps maintain control. Sonic2app 2015-05-07 23-35-52-699
Doctor Eggman Robotnik’s stats are very well rounded. For an evil scientist, he's a very good Kart driver. Sonic2app 2015-05-07 23-36-05-116
Knuckles The red guardian isn't the fastest, but his excellent grip helps you negotiate the tight turns. Sonic2app 2015-05-07 23-35-53-649
Rouge This bad bat-girl has a nice set of wheels. Her acceleration is top-notch and her grip is good. Her speed is average. Sonic2app 2015-05-07 23-36-05-817
Eggrobo In Dreamcast release, EggRobo plays exactly like Sonic, and is only available from the official VMU download called Eggrobo Kart Racing in the game's North American website. It also comes with its own E-shaped racetrack with "E.G.G.M.A.N." playing as the background music. In Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, EggRobo can be chosen after completing all of Rouge's missions and being selected under Rouge's model, but without the E-shaped race track. Eggrobokart
Omochao In Dreamcast release, Omochao plays exactly like Sonic and is only available from official VMU download called Opa-Opa Kart Racing in the game's North American website. He is driving a kart shaped like Opa-Opa from the Fantasy Zone games and plays an instrumental version of "Live and Learn" as background music. Opa-Opa-Kart-Sonic-Adventure-2


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Eggman's Kart model in Sonic Adventure 2.

  • The models used for the karts and their riders in the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2 have strange light reflection effects, making some of the models look miscolored, like Eggman whose glasses are white. In later ports, this effect was removed.


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