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This article is about a real-life person.
Information in this article is about real-life people, companies, and objects, and does not relate to the in-universe Sonic series.

Karen Strassman is an American voice actress who has done voice work for the English dub of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.



Video games


Voice acting


Her performance has received positive to mixed reviews. Many fans praise her voice as being sexy, and higher-pitched like Rouge's previous voice actress, Lani Minella.[citation needed] Some fans have said her voice is the most suitable for a girl of Rouge's age, but others have felt that she makes Rouge sound too promiscuous.


  • Strassman is a naturalized French citizen; she is also fluent in French.[1] Despite this, she has not provided the French voice of Rouge since Sonic Generations. However, one of her lines in Sonic Free Riders has Rouge saying "magnifique!" - meaning "magnificent!" - whenever she lands a trick.

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