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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
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The Kar-lek is a character that appears in Sonic Underground. It is a terrifying beast that dwells in the desert.


The Kar-lek possesses a large, gelatinous green body with darker green patches, a wide mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, a single orange eye on a stump, and four tentacles. Two of its tentacles have toothed pincers, while the other two are covered in spikes.


Sonic had to prove himself in order to enlist the help of Ifyoucan and the rest of the Azcan Tribe in stopping Doctor Robotnik. To become a member of the tribe, Sonic had to pass an initiation test, which was to defeat the Kar-lek. While sleeping dormant in a pit, the Kar-lek was enraged when some tribe members threw burning torches into it so it could fight Sonic. Though nervous, Sonic subdued the monster with his speed and Super Spins, getting its tentacles tied up. The Kar-lek was declared defeated and Sonic was granted tribe membership.[1]

Later, when the Azcan Tribe's camp was being attacked by Swatbots, Manic found himself helplessly cornered between two Swatbots and the Kar-lek's pit. The beast tried to ensnare Manic, but ended up grabbing and eating the Swatbots instead. Thinking he was safe, Manic complacently walked away, but the Kar-lek then wrapped a tentacle around Manic's leg and began pulling him in. He was thankfully rescued by Ifyoucan's bodyguards, Amir and Jamal, who shot the Kar-lek's tentacle.[1]


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