The Kaizoku Hover Bomb (海賊ホバーボム Kaizoku hobābomu?, lit. "Pirate Hover Bomb")[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is a mass-produced Badnik model.


Kaizoku Hover Bombs resemble the Egg Pawns, having a very similar body and head shape, though their faces resemble those of skeletons. They possess a red body with a white line going down the middle. They have short silver legs and white arms with two purple rings around their wrists. Kaizoku Hover Bombs possess jet packs on their backs which emit purple flames.


During gameplay, the Kaizoku Hover Bombs will fly around, sometimes making them hard to reach. To hurt the player, they will thrown an endless supply of spiked balls. These enemies only appear in Pirates' Island.

Powers and abilities

Kaizoku Hover Bombs are capable of flight and can spawn spiked iron balls which they can toss as projectiles.


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