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Hearty brawler only found on Hidden Islands; it takes three hits to defeat.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

The Kaizoku Hogan[1] (海賊ホーガン[2] Kaizoku hōgan?, lit. "Pirate Hogan") is an enemy that appears in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is a mass-produced, pirate-based Badnik model servng Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega.


The Kaizoku Hogans have large, round purple bodies with two lines going from their waist up to their shoulders and down their back towards their belt. The belt itself is also white and has bolts across it. Below the belt, their bodies are black, with their white cuffed, red feet being detached from the rest of their bodies. Kaizoku Hogans also have thick purple arms with white, skeletal palms and a white face. They also have red eyes and two similar eye-like lights on their chests.


In Sonic Rush Adventure, the Kaizoku Hogans appear as enemies. They are only encountered on Hidden Island 1, Hidden Island 2, Hidden Island 5 and Hidden Island 16.

In gameplay, the Kaizoku Hogans remain in stationary positions. WHen they spot the playable character however, they will start swing their flail in the direction of the playable character. What makes the Kaizoku Hogans dangerous, however, is that they require three hits to defeat (unlike other enemies), with a Health Gauge inidcating their remaining health appearing above them when they take damage. Furthermore, they do not flinch when struck, meaning the player can easily take damage if standing carelessly close to them after attacking them.

Powers and abilities

Kaizoku Hogans have strong bodies and possess incredible strength.


Kaizoku Hogans fight by using a ball and chain, which they swing around above their heads and throw.



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