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Kage Von Stryker

Kage Von Stryker was the only son of General Helmut Von Stryker, the former commander-in-chief of the Dingo Regime.


He is a Mobian dingo with brown fur and eyes and wears blue armor, yellow boots and belts.


During Sonic's one year absence, Kage somehow took over as General of the Dingo Regime, where he commanded loyalty through fear. Dr. Eggman, sensing an opportunity, offered Kage a deal too tempting to refuse: In exchange for the technological aid and support to conquer Angel Island and the entire Echidna population, Kage and his soldiers would act as his enforcers on Angel Island. Kage agreed.

Kage and his men conquered the Island, with him directing his troops from their city at Cavem Canus. Kage ordered the construction of multiple prisons and forced labor camp programs to enslave the Echidna population. Kage also forcibly conscripted his father's old comrade Harry back into service, likely because of the place Harry held in his father's eyes, and expressed frustration and disappointed when Harry proved to be an inadequate warrior. Later Kage, under pressure by Eggman to find the Master Emerald, personally interrogated Knuckles' father, Locke the Echidna, in hopes of forcing him to reveal the location of the emerald.

When Sonic, Knuckles, and the Chaotix embarked on a liberation mission at Angel Island, Kage ordered his troops to kill them. The dingo army was defeated, and Kage was left to confront Sonic and Knuckles personally. The two heroes defeated him quite easily and managed to rescue Locke. The prisoners were freed and the camps demolished, but Kage and his troops remained a threat for some time. The Dingoes made several attempts to wipe out the surviving echidnas and destroy their newly reconstructed villages, only to be hampered by the Destructix (who were pretending to have renounced their criminal ways in order to curry Locke's favor).

Kage's war on the Echidnas came to an abrupt end when Enerjak was 'resurrected'. Enerjak's first act was to disarm the Dingo Regime, destroy their stronghold at Cavem Canus, and banish them to wander the desert wastelands of Sandopolis Desert for their crimes against the Echidna population. Enerjak believed that this punishment would teach the dingoes humility. Enraged, Kage attacked Enerjak, taunting him with the promise to rally the Dingos to victory. "I've crushed more echidnas under my boot than I can remember! You'll be no different!". In response to Kage's defiance, Enerjak took Kage apart one molecule at a time.

When Knuckles later apologized to General Stryker, who was now leader of the Dingoes once again and lead them to prosper in the harsh environment of Sandopolis Oasis, about what he had done to Kage, Stryker publicly refused to acknowledge his son and denounced him as a traitor. Privately, however, Stryker was seen to be crying, as he still cared about Kage despite his actions, and mourned his death.


Unlike his father, who was calm, calculating and in control of most situations, Kage was volatile, hotheaded and manipulative, and used his extremely violent nature and connections with his father to move up the ranks.

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