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Quotation1 You are the only fan I care about. Quotation2
— Justin Beaver, "Battle of the Boy Bands"

Justin Beaver is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is an anthropomorphic teenage beaver from Hedgehog Village and a former world-famous pop star. Caught under mind control, Justin was exploited by his producer, Dixon, until he was freed by Dude-itude.[2] Justin subsequently put his musical career behind him and pursued a career in reality TV.[3]


Justin Beaver is an anthropomorphic beaver of average built and height. He has cyan fur with bright fur on his chest, peach skin on his muzzle, a medium-sized flat nose, triangular years, and spiky hair combed backward. Befitting his species, he has two large buck teeth and a small beaver tail. For attire, he wears a yellow vest with a hoodie, a star symbol on the left side, and dark yellow shoulders and rim. He also wears white gloves with cuffs creeping up his wrist, and tan shoes with dark yellow cuffs.


TV series


Brought under mind control by his producer, Dixon, Justin became a global pop sensation thanks to female-targeting mind control Dixon planted in the music tracks of Justin's numerous (poor) songs. Under Dixon's machinations, Justin made his female fans feverishly spent their money on his sub-standard merchandise to Dixon's benefit.[2]

Season one

Iconic scene

Justin facing Dreamboat Express.

Justin eventually came to the Village where he did a signing at the music shop, and later a concert at the Village Center. When Justin was about to perform though, Dreamboat Express challenged him to a sing-off. During this, Dreamboat Express got the frequency they needed from Justin's singing to break the mind control over not only his fans, but also over Justin himself when playing as the rock band Dude-itude. Now free, Justin opted to get into reality TV where his producers would not exploit him.[2] This marked the end of Justin's musical career.[4] He later made a musical guest appearance on the Comedy Chimp Show.[5]

Season two

At some point, Justin realized his promise about going into reality TV by becoming a critical judge in a singing competition show.[3]

When Scrambler became a thing, Justin was able to attend an exclusive promotional event through it.[6] Justin later appeared on the Comedy Chimp Show to tell about his new job, only for Comedy Chimp to make fun of him. The next night, Justin went to his nightly meeting with his book club in the library (which he kept a secret so his fans would not shun him). Their meeting got interrupted however when Vector and his crew came and accused Justin of vandalizing Comedy Chimp's studio with a stolen hammer last night. Once Vector heard about Justin's book club though, he realized Justin was not the culprit he was looking for.[3]


While under mind control, Justin appeared as a charming and affectionate idol who gave the message that the individual girl was the center of his attention. This was only superficial however, as he would nonchalantly refer to any girl as "the only fan [he] cared about" and mainly compose songs about a particular, unidentified girl to misdirect the masses. After he was freed from his mind control, Justin saw the error of his ways and chose to pursue a less commercial career.[2]

Since striking out on his own, Justin has demonstrated a sense of pride about his job as a critical judge on reality TV. However, he gets rather insulted when someone makes fun of his profession; as put by Wolf Sidekick, "he can dish it, but he can't take it."[3]

Justin possesses an interest in fine literature, which has given him an impressive vocabulary. However, he is rather embarrassed about it. He is also very protective of his image and concerned about what his fanbase thinks of him, which is the main reason for why he keeps his passion for literature a secret.[3]


"♫ Girl, now it's time I told you about my serious condition. I can't stop thinking about you, have to call a physician. ♫"
—Justin singing one of his songs, "Battle of the Boy Bands"
"Yo, yo, my doc warned you are my cholesterol. But baby, I know you're the best of all."
—Justin singing one of his songs, "Battle of the Boy Bands"
"♫ I've got a bold confession, and I think it's time you knew. I'm into you specifically, girl- no other girl will do. ♫"
—Justin singing one of his songs, "Battle of the Boy Bands"
"♫ You're unique, you're complex and interesting, girl And I'm not being hyperbolic. Let's carve our name into a tree. It's vandalism... but it's symbolic! ♫"
—Justin singing one of his songs, "Battle of the Boy Bands"
"♫ Those feelings for my special girl.. We'll do the things you want to do. And take a trip to the place you like But be home before CURFE~W! ♫"
—Justin singing one of his songs, "Battle of the Boy Bands"
"If my vapid fanbase discovered that I enjoy fine literature, they'd shun me. I'd be anathema to them! "
—Justin regarding his secret love for literature, "Vector Detector"


  • Justin Beaver is a parody of Justin Bieber, a real-life Canadian singer and songwriter who became a large teen star after being discovered by accident.[7]


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