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"Justice" is the level theme given to Park Avenue in the Avatar's story of Sonic Forces. It has a classic-style instrumental with lyrics that describe the Avatar's fight against the Eggman Empire.[2]


Here comes the enemy, strike them down
We can’t let evil win, take them out
This is justice, this is what’s right
Here comes the enemy, mess 'em up
And bring 'em to their knees, do your stuff
Time for justice, time to go fight
Lies before you
I believe
You have the power
Can you see
Your horizon?
For the taking!

Connections within media

  • "Here comes the enemy, strike them down/Here comes the enemy, mess 'em up" - Referencing the Avatar going into battle against the Eggman Empire.
  • "We can't let evil win, take them out" - The pressure put on the "newbie" as the last hope in defeating Eggman, and pushing his army out of Park Avenue.
  • "And bring 'em to their knees, do your stuff" - The Avatar using their skills to defeat Eggman's Badniks.
  • "This is justice, this is what's right/Time for justice, time to go fight" - The Resistance fighting to overtake Dr. Eggman, and his rule of the Earth.
  • "Destiny lies before you" - The Avatar having potential as part of the resistance's fight against Eggman.
  • "I believe we have the power...Victory's for the taking!" - Referring to the Avatar leading the resistance to victory in the battle at Park Avenue.


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