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Just a Guy

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"Just a Guy" is the thirty-fourth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 20 May 2015 in France and on 22 July 2015 in the United States.


When Sonic refuses to let Mike, an average Joe, battle Eggman the town turns against him for being insensitive.



Races and species:





One day in his workshop, Tails is looking at his radar and detects an upcoming Eggman attack. He quickly rounds up the rest of Team Sonic together, but Knuckles says no; he has plans to see the movie Jungle Fighter 3: Revenge of the Jungle Fighter with Mike the Ox. Locating Knuckles, Sonic says that the battle is more important, and he tells Mike that he cannot come to the battle when he asks because he is "just a guy". The townspeople hears it, and they become mad. Sonic and Knuckles run off to the battle, and Knuckles tells about the situation. The other members of Team Sonic, as well as Eggman, cannot believe Sonic did something like that.

Later at Amy's House, the team gathers and Amy (after making a few snarky remarks about Sonic’s “attitude”) offers them to take a seminar taught by her on controlling their thoughts. When the club meets, Comedy Chimp and Fastidious Beaver are seen with Team Sonic, and they do a variety of events such as making paper hats and trying to "go to their happy place". Sonic then decides to apologize to Mike for what he said. He also adds that Mike can come to the next battle. Mike is excited and annoys Sonic with his impatience. In addition, he also interferes with Sonic trying to go to his happy place. When a battle with Eggman finally arrives, Mike sets up a picnic blanket to watch, but gets his leg broken when Cubot falls on top of him. As Mike is being rushed to the hospital, Sonic gets reprimanded again, this time for bringing "just a guy" to a battle; he counters, telling them he only took him to the battle because of them, but calls the townsfolk "you people" in the process, making things even worse. A very annoyed Sonic attends another seminar meeting, where (after making another snarky remark about Sonic) Amy announces she is taking the group on a camping trip. While his friends are excited, a fed up Sonic snaps and chastises everyone by saying that instead of them thanking him for his heroics, they just take him for granted and turns on him for no good reason, especially when they go around gasping at him when he calls a guy "a guy" or people "people". Everyone gasps at him again (resembling Sonic's remark), resulting in Sonic storming off in a fit of rage, saying he is quitting the seminar and heroics altogether, leaving everyone speechless and guilty for the way they treated him. Outside, the Tree Spy can be seen spying at this through the window.

The scene shifts to a Lightning Bolt Society meeting, with the Tree Spy telling the members about Sonic's retirement, and then the group proceeds to cause (relatively harmless) chaos in the town. Spying on the Lightning Bolts himself, Eggman decides to wait for when Sonic is most vulnerable to attack him. The townspeople runs to Sonic and asks for help, but he brushes them off, feeling like they will still continue to take him for granted. Next, the Lightning Bolt Society is seen in a field with sheep. They set the sheep free and let them loose on the Unnamed Village. When Sonic hears someone's cries for help, he (reluctantly) runs to the scene. Sonic rescues the townspeople and then rounds up the sheep. At this point, Eggman decides to attack, but Mike is present at the battle. Mike tells Sonic to avoid Eggman's attack with his Eggmobile's mechanical arm, and Sonic hides under a sheep while throwing other sheep at the Eggmobile.

Back at the field, the Lightning Bolt Society are sitting around when Sonic shows up, throws the sheep back into the pen, and locking the Lightning Bolt Society in. Everyone apologizes to Sonic for their harsh treatment towards him and Sonic calls Mike a hero for his efforts. Amy and the other members of the club witness this while on their trip. Amy comments that she knew Sonic would save the day if she and the others left him alone, leaving him mildly annoyed by her taking partial credit for his heroics instead of apologizing. The villagers then tell The Lightning Bolt Society they appreciate what they try to do, but they are no good at. Willy Walrus takes offense and calls the villagers "you people", causing them to gasp in shock. The Lightning Bolt Society are then seen taking Amy's seminar.


  • When Lady Walrus calls for help to save Chumley again, she refers to the numerous times throughout the series where her baby had to be saved from danger, like in "Buster" and "Blue With Envy".
  • After the Lightning Bolt Society learn that Sonic retired, Dave notes the similarities this situation has to the events of "Eggman Unplugged" where Eggman quit technology and left his lair for the Lightning Bolts to take over. However, Willy Walrus says it is "completely different" because it was Sonic who is retiring and not Eggman.
  • Dr. Eggman would use a recording of Sonic saving the villagers from the sheep stampede to program FriendBot in "FiendBot".


  • In the scene with Mike the Ox right after Knuckles mentions Jungle Fighter 3: Revenge of the Jungle Fighter, Lady Goat's nose and eyelash move over Mike's left ear despite Lady Goat standing in the background.
  • During the group hug at Amy's House, Tails' right ear phased into Sonic's head.
  • The Lightning Bolt Society states that Eggman "retired". However, Eggman never officially retired, therefore the statement made is canonically inaccurate.

Regional differences

  • In the French version of this episode, Sonic's Communicator buzzes instead of beeping.


The first drafts for "Just a Guy" was written in December 2013.[4] When including the live-action shot in the episode, Sega was unsure of whether it would be a convoluted segment. Ultimately, Sega decided to trust the writers and let the shot be included.[5]

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 只是某个家伙而已 Just Some Guy
Finnish Normaali tyyppi Normal guy
French Un gars normal A Normal Guy
Hungarian Csak egy srác Just a guy
Italian Un tizio qualunque Some guy
Japanese うっかり発言 Thoughtless Remarks
Korean 평범한 친구와 영웅 Normal Guy and the Hero
Persian یه شخص معمولی An ordinary person
Polish Zwykły gość Regular guy
Portuguese (Brazil) Só Um Cara Just A Guy
Portuguese (Portugal) Um Rapaz Normal A Normal Boy
Romanian Doar un tip Just a guy
Russian Просто парень Just a guy
Spanish (Latin America) Solo un Sujeto Just a Guy
Spanish (Spain) Un Simple Tipo A Simple Guy
Thai คนธรรมดา[6] Ordinary person
Ukrainian Просто хлопець Just a guy


Live-action footage of Sonic when he snaps out of his "happy place" one time too many.

The Sticks action figure.

  • At a toy convention produced by Tomy in the late 2014, there was an action figure where Sticks was wearing green face paint on her face and arms. That figure was likely based off of Sticks' happy place, where she is fighting alien robots, while wearing face paint.
  • This is the first time Sonic loses his temper in the series.


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