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Logo of Just Toys.

Just Toys International is a global toy company specializing in licensed collectibles and gifts. They distribute their products to all major markets across the globe. In 2017, Just Toys started producing merchandise for the Sonic series, starting with the Sonic Boom series.

Sonic Boom (2017)

JustToys SonicBoom Bag

An unopened hanger.

Just Toys produced merchandise for the Sonic Boom series of backpack hangers. The hangers are figurines of the main characters, with ten in the set in total. One of the ten is a rare mystery figure. The hangers were available in blind bags for $6.99 each from August 30 2017.[1]

JustToys SonicBoom Sonic1 JustToys SonicBoom Sonic2 JustToys SonicBoom Sonic3 JustToys SonicBoom Sonic4 JustToys SonicBoom Knuckles
Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Knuckles
JustToys SonicBoom Sticks JustToys SonicBoom Eggman JustToys SonicBoom Tails JustToys SonicBoom Amy JustToys SonicBoom Mystery
Sticks Dr. Eggman Tails Amy Sonic (metallic)

Sonic the Hedgehog: Collector's Edition (2019)

For the Sonic the Hedgehog: Collector's Edition brand, Just Toys produced backpack hangers of figurines of Classic characters available in blind bags. The set has eleven hangers in total, with one being a rare mystery hanger. They were first shown around March 2017, but did not release until December 2019.[2][3]

JustToys HangersClassic Sonic1 JustToys HangersClassic Sonic2 JustToys HangersClassic Sonic3 JustToys HangersClassic Sonic4 JustToys HangersClassic SuperSonic
Sonic Sonic Sonic Sonic Super Sonic
JustToys HangersClassic Knuckles JustToys HangersClassic Tails JustToys HangersClassic Amy JustToys HangersClassic Metal JustToys HangersClassic Eggman JustToys HangersClassic Metal2
Knuckles Tails Amy Metal Sonic Dr. Eggman Metal Sonic (special, 1/24)

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