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The Junk Parts are collectibles that appear in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. They are pieces of junk described as Sticks the Badger's "lost treasures."[1] Collecting Junk Parts will unlock the Sticks-bot.


Junk Parts look like bronze-colored and rusty, spring-like trinkets, similar to Sticks the Badger's left wrist bracelet.


Fire Mode in use

A Junk Part in an adventure level.

In the gameplay of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, there are a total of sixty Junk Parts which are hidden in the adventure levels. Each level holds three Junk Parts, each of which can be collected by opening an item capsule resembling a golden bubble with a Junk Part inside it. These capsules break when touched and can be targeted with the Homing Attack.


Sticks' Burrow with all the Junk Parts collected.

When obtained, the Junk Parts can be brought to Sticks' Burrow where they can be handed over by pressing Snnwiidsxbuttondisco.[1] The total amount of Junk Parts gathered is displayed by the green gauge on the left side of the screen. Bringing all sixty Junk Parts to Sticks' Burrow will unlock the Sticks-bot for Bot Racing.

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