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The Junk Food Boogey Guy was a nightmare creature created by Tails using Professor Von Schlemmer's Dream-A-Ma-Jig, after Tails had eaten a long list of sweets and junk food.


The Junk Food Boogey Guy has an ice cream cone abdomen, a donut/pizza/hotdog/cheesestick torso, an ice cream chest, pizza/hamburger shoulders, ketchup and mustard cannon arms, and a soft drink head. He is able to fire ketchup and mustard out of the aforementioned arms. He is a fearsome beast, but he is unable to talk and can only grunt and roar. However, he is obedient to Tails despite being a nightmare-type creature.


The Junk Food Boogey Guy was created for the sole purpose of defeating Robotnik's Boogey Man. The ingredients for a junk food nightmare were given to Sonic and Tails by the Dream Meister when they visited Dreamsville.

After its creation, the Junk Food Boogey Guy battled with Robotnik's Boogey Man and chased it back into Robotnik's head through the Dream-A-Ma-Jig.[1]


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