Jungle Zone is a Zone in the 2012 remake of Sonic Jump and later appeared in Sonic Jump Fever.


As the name would suggest, this Zone is situated in a jungle environment adorned with stone statues, with fauna and flora galore. The sky in the background has a little more of a green tint to it, and bits of floating lush green jungle can be seen littering the background. Rain falls from the sky as well. The foreground platforms are slabs of rock with statues and vines decorating many of them.


In Sonic Jump, the Zone consists of eleven acts and a boss fight. The boss is the same as the other two zones, but it shoots missiles. Before Eggman attacks, he will rise up, similar to the other two bosses, giving you a chance to attack him. In Sonic Jump Fever, there are multiple level layouts in terms of the position of the enemies, platforms and objects. The player can play this Zone as many times possible during a period of two days before the game switches to Blue Sky Zone.



Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A (Sonic Jump) (2012) N/A 0:48
Sonic Jump (2012) OST - Jungle Zone
N/A (Sonic Jump Fever) N/A 1:30
Sonic Jump Fever OST - Jungle Zone

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