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Sonic the Hedgehog
Jungle Zone

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Wild flowers and exotic plants surround you in the damp, dark jungle. When you reach the turbulent waterfall, watch your step! One false move and you're gone for good!

— United States instruction booklet, Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Game Gear)[1]

Jungle Zone (ジャングル[2] Janguru?, lit. "Jungle") is the third Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit). It is a lush, tropical jungle that sits at the foot of a mountain on South Island.[2] As with other Zones in Sonic the Hedgehog, Jungle Zone is composed on three Acts, with the third one featuring the boss of the Zone.


Jungle Zone is a jungle on South Island that is packed with dense trees and giant waterfalls.[2] This jungle sits at the center of the island, next to a massive mountain.[2] The background of this Zone is covered by green bushes, making it impossible to see what is behind them. The platforms in this Zone are as well made of light brown blocks in rectangular forms. They can also be made of intangible brown soil covered by thick layers of lime grass. Some of these platforms are also adorned with wild flowers and exotic plants of many kinds. Artificial objects in this Zone include wooden bridges and yellowish, spiked platforms. Jungle Zone also has a lake of water at the bottom that leads to a bottomless pit. At various points, the player might also find small ponds of water.

In the Sega Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit), Jungle Zone looks the same for the most part, except that the bushes in the background feature many kinds of fruit, such as apples and oranges.


As part of his mission to find and collect the six Chaos Emeralds, Dr. Ivo Robotnik would invade most of South Island, including Jungle Zone. He kidnapped the local Animals and filled the Zone with Badniks to do his evil bidding.[3]

Jungle Zone would later become the third Zone that Sonic the Hedgehog would visit to free South Island and foil Dr. Robotnik's plans. While braving this Zone, Sonic would find the third Chaos Emerald hidden deep in Jungle Zone. Later, Sonic is attacked by Robotnik in a modified Egg Mobile. After defeating the doctor, Sonic frees some Animals from a nearby metal cage and continues his adventure.


Jungle Zone is a pretty straightforward Zone that uses a lot of platforming. Aside from the Badniks, the most common gimmicks are the spiked platforms that appear frequently. In addition, small wooden logs make various appearances as platforms that the player can stand on. In Act 1, these logs fall down waterfalls so that the player can traverse them. In this Act, they are also found on ponds of water, with the same functionality as in Green Hill Zone; after standing on one, the player can run left or right to move the log and travel across water pools safely.


Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Jungle Zone Act 3 is a short Act that starts out on a platform, followed by a vine where the boss fight takes place. After the battle, another platform appears with a metal cage on it for the player to open and end the Act.


Main article: Jungle Zone boss

The boss of Jungle Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit).

The boss of Jungle Zone Act 3 is Dr. Robotnik in a modified Egg Mobile. During the battle, the playable character will stand on a green platform curving downwards. To attack the player, Robotnik will move to either side of the platform and drop an iron ball that will spin through the platform. In order to defeat the doctor, the player has to hit the Egg Mobile eight times.

In other media

Sonic the Comic

The Jungle Zone appears in the "Face from the Past" storyline of Sonic the Comic, in issues #51 and #52. It was in this Zone that Metamorphia attempted to infiltrate the Freedom Fighters by posing as Sonic's long-lost brother Tonic. The ruse was quickly discovered and Metamorphia defeated.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
N/A Yuzo Koshiro 3:05



Sonic the Hedgehog (MS) Zone 3 Jungle


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