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The Junction is a sub-level that appears in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. As implied by its name, it is the game's connecting hub area where one can switch level and characters.


Junction first look

The Junction's first look.

The Junction is a simple, yet solid rock tunnel with no sources of light, making it dimly lit. The floor is even and flat grey stones cover every surface. When entering the Junction, its exit will be covered in darkness until the area's procedures have been completed. In the early versions of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom however, the exit was covered in what appeared to blue fog rather than darkness.


Junctions serve three primary purposes in gameplay. By passing through a Junction, the player can move from one level to another. Which level a Junction leads to is indicated by the road sign that appears at its entrance point.

  • The road sign for the Junction to the Jungle.
  • The road sign for the Junction to the Village.
  • The road sign for the Junction to Eggman's Lair.
  • The road sign for the Junction to the Mountain.

Upon entering a Junction, all the Rings the player currently have will be banked. As the lead runner moves through the Junction, the other two characters chosen for the current run appear next to the lead runner, and the player can choose of which of the three characters to take control of. After making a choice, the player exits the Junction with the chosen character though if the player takes too long to decide, the current lead runner is automatically chosen.


Junction exit

Sticks entering a Junction.

The player can only enter a Junction by taking the exits from the level's road during runs. These exits are marked by the Junctions' trademark signs. Upon entering these exits, the player automatically moves down the road into a hole in the wall that leads into the Junction. When leaving the Junction, the player will emerge on the middle lane of the incoming level's road.


  • The Junction is the only time during a run in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom where multiple playable characters appear side-by-side.




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