Jump the Snake

Quotation1.svg A giant snake will pop out from one of the holes! Jump and avoid it! The last player left gets a bonus. Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight (Game Rules), Sonic Shuffle

Jump the Snake is a VS 4 mini game in Sonic Shuffle.


Quotation1.svg Be careful--after a while, the platforms will begin to turn! Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight (Advice), Sonic Shuffle

Each player stands on a single elevated platform in the middle of a room. Snakes will randomly come out of the various holes in the walls, forcing the players to jump over them in a manner similar to jump rope. If a player fails to jump and gets hit by the snake, they will be knocked out. Pressing the DreamcastA.png will allow the players to jump over the snake. The snake can go back into the hole and come out a different one. Eventually the platforms will start to rotate, making it more difficult to avoid the snake. The snake can also increase and decrease its speed, making ti tricky to determine when to jump.

The last one standing wins thirty rings.

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