Quotation1.svg That's a G.U.N combat vehicle. It be perfect for blasting my way thru these guys. Quotation2.svg
Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog

The Jump Vehicle[1] is a vehicle that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a two-legged vehicle from G.U.N. which can be used by Shadow.


The Jump Vehicle is a transportation unit developed by G.U.N. It possesses dual jet engines that allows extreme vertical ascension.[2]


Shadow using the Jump Vehicle.

The Jump Vehicle is used to reach higher locations that cannot be reached otherwise. To use it, the player must hold A Button GameCube v2.png/PSXButton.png/XboxA.png down longer for greater height and distance then press the A button to hover in the air (The vehicle slowly descends for a period of time). If the player has a weapon he can use it with the Jump Vehicle by pressing SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/PSSquareButton.png/XboxX.png. There are two types of Jump Vehicle: one with a pair of machine guns and one without. The one armed with machine guns cannot jump as high as the one without them.


  • The Jump Vehicle shares some similarities to the Cyclone and the Eggwalker from Sonic Adventure 2. All three have a similar bipedal design and hovering capabilities.




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