For the ramp-like Dash Panel gimmick, see Ramp. For the gimmick in Shadow the Hedgehog, see Jump Panel (Shadow the Hedgehog).
Quotation1 Jump on panel No. 1. It will take you to panels 2 and 3. Jump as soon as you land on the panel, or else you'll fall. Quotation2
Tikal, Sonic Adventure

Template:Item The Jump Panel (ジャンプパネル Janpu paneru?) is a type of gimmick that appear´s in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Rivals 2 and Sonic Generations. They are a sequence of panels the player can jump to in-between in order to proceed through a stage.


The Jump Panels are a bunch of five or more panels that the player can use to reach higher places that are hard to access as a shortcut. When using the Jump Panels, the player have to go to the first panel and then press the jump bottom to be warped at light speed to the second panel, and then to the rest, even if the Jump Panels are set on vertical walls. However, if the player does not press the jump button quickly once warped to the next panel, the playable character will fall off it and the player has to restart.

Game appearences

Sonic Adventure

Number panels first appeared in Sonic Adventure and later in the remake. In this game, they are five panels numbered in order, and are colored orange, yellow and green (they will turn into black when the playable character is standing in them). They appear in Emerald Coast, Windy Valley, Ice Cap and Red Mountain.

Sonic Generations (3DS)

The number panels reappeared in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, where they only appear in both Acts of Emerald Coast. They have the same design as in Sonic Adventure, but due to the gameplay being in 2.5D, the panels have a numbered sprite with a circle around looking at the camera.


  • The idea of jumping between walls were reused in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) to jump from wall to wall, however the Jump Panels that enable the move did not appear in the game but instead Sonic and Shadow stuck in the wall and jump by pressing the Jump button without using the Jump Panels.



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