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Jump Combatant - Gets in Tails' way by jumping.

— Description, Tails Adventure Japanese manual[2]

The Jump Combatant (ジャンプ戦闘員[2] Junpu Sentouin?) is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventure. They are small anthropomorphic avian foot soldiers of the Battle Kukku Empire, who possess impressive agility.


Jump Combatants are humanoid birds about the same size as Tails. They have pointy orange beaks and feet, and a blue plumage. For attire, they wear gray combat helmets with black goggles which cover their heads and gray overalls.



In Tails Adventure, Jump Combatants are first found in Polly Mountain 1. Usually placed individually, they move around in one spot until Tails approaches them, upon where they start jumping in one place. On the third jump though, they will leap towards Tails to stomp on him. If Tails is not enough close enough, Jump Combatants will keep jumping in one place. Due the uneven terrain, it is extremely difficult to dodge them as the player has to attack first, although any type of bomb will take them out in one hit.

Jump Combatants later appear in Lake Rocky, where they roll logs downstream, getting in the player's way as they move upstream in the Sea Fox. The player has to use the Vulcan Gun to defeat the Jump Combatants here. In both locations, defeating a Jump Combatant can sometimes cause a Ring to be dropped for the player to collect.

Powers and abilities

The Jump Combatants are really agile soldiers who can make impressively high leap and easily balance on rollings logs in moving rivers.


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