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You may be looking for Spin Jump.

Jump[1] (ジャンプBOX[2] Janpu bokkusu?, lit. "Jump BOX"), also known as Yellow Monitor,[3] is a Monitor power-up that appears in Sonic Drift 2. When obtained, this power-up allows the racer to make a long jump along the race track while in his/her car.


The monitors with Jump feature a completely yellow screen.


Jump can in found in various places on the racing tracks and can be obtained by any racer by driving over it. Unlike most other power-ups in the Sonic the Hedgehog series though, Jump's effect is not activated when obtained. Instead, an icon of Jump appear on the top of the screen when it is obtained, indicating the player has it stored away to be spend at their command. To use jump while in possession of it, the player has to press up on Controlpadds.png. Until the player uses Jump, they cannot obtain any other power-ups.

When utilizing Jump, the player is launched into the air down the racetrack for about five seconds, similar to when touching a Spring, while increasing the user's speed. This is also useful for avoiding obstacles or passing opponents.


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