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Julie-Su (born day 227, 3221)[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs. She was an alternate version of Julie-Su from Dark Mobius. She was the common-law wife of Knuckles the Echidna and mother to Jani-Ca. She became estranged from her husband after his corruption by the Chaos Force and ultimately ended up stripped of her Core by her husband's alter-ego, Dark Enerjak.


Early life

Julie-Su's early history was most likely largely the same as her Mobius Prime counterpart's. The point at which things differed was during Knuckles' time as Chaos Knuckles, during his attempt to reunify the Dark Legion with the citizens of Echidnaopolis. In this reality, there was no Lara-Su from an alternate future to try saving Knuckles and Julie-Su, but things worked out differently that they both survived, anyway. Knuckles jumped in front of an attack on Dimitri in a similar manner to his Mobius Prime counterpart; however in this reality, he began to think differently about the events that had taken place, ultimately leading to a completely different future.[2]

According to Knuckles, Julie-Su was with him when he simplified the Dark Legion's reunification with Echidnaopolis and also stood by him in vaporizing Dr. Eggman. Even though she supported him, she had doubts about his judgement as she recognized signs of madness in him from generating vast quantities of Chaos energy. Julie-Su lost sight of the Knuckles she loved and began to only see the evil he was becoming as he made the Dark Legion into his personal army and led them to conquer Mobius. Knuckles believed her distance to be from him not being around enough for her even though he was trying to build a dynasty with her and unite their bloodlines. Julie-Su eventually became pregnant, but Knuckles remained oblivious, believing it was just weight gain from his absence, and by that point she left him.[2][3][4]

Life in hiding

Julie-Su soon gave birth their daughter, Lara-Su, who spent much of her childhood growing up inside a base with her mother and other people. Instead of revealing the truth to her daughter about her father, she instead told her at some point that Knuckles was killed by Constable Remington. Julie-Su made sure to keep her daughter inside at all times because of the danger of the Dark Legion. Vector, whom Lara-Su called Uncle Vector, occasionally visited and sometimes even brought Lara-Su gifts and told her stories about his adventures.[5]

One day, Remington came to the base and had an argument with Julie-Su about their fight with the Dark Legion going poorly, telling her Vector had become one of Dark Enerjak's Prelates. Seeing Julie-Su so upset, Lara-Su thought she would show her a surprise, and revealed she could move things around with her mind, which actually was her ability to tap into the Chaos Force. Instead, it escalated Julie-Su's fight with Remington.[6]

Over the next few years, Julie-Su trained her daughter for survival and combat in practice sessions. Things were never easy for Lara-Su, though, as Julie-Su would snap at her if she was even a second late for training. One day; however, Julie-Su was the one late for practice, and brought in a box when she arrived. Julie-Su then showed to her daughter that it held the robotic remains of Lara-Su's ancestor, Dimtri who agreed to train Lara-Su to channel her Chaos Force powers more so she could fight the Dark Legion.[7]

Fighting Enerjak as family

After Lara-Su returned from a failed trip to Mobius Prime to prevent Knuckles' "death", Julie-Su told her the real truth about her father.[3] Following this, they embarked on a journey to take down Knuckles and the Dark Legion, though Lara-Su hated her for a while for lying, regardless if it was to protect her. Mother and daughter eventually amassed enough allies to form an army that nearly succeeded in defeating Knuckles; however, with the added power of the Chaos Emeralds, he turned the tables and almost eradicated the resistance.[8]

Eventually, Julie-Su went on a raid with Scarlette Rabbot that ended badly. Julie-Su became another one of Enerjak's many victims as he extracted her Core from her body and used it much later to create a Prelate version of his former partner to fight their daughter. Some time before this though, Julie-Su and Elias wanted Lara-Su to search for a magic sword that was critical to their effort. After her mother was gone, Jani-Ca decided focus on finding the sword after she did something she never could in front of Julie-Su: renounce her name to sever all family ties she had to Enerjak.[9]


Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles and Julie-Su were once a couple, but she left him during his psychological descent while she was pregnant.[2]


  • The story of Knuckles' descent into madness was to be included in the canceled Mobius: 20 Years Later storyline, which also would have featured Julie-Su being pregnant with a second child.


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