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Jules Hedgehog is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is the husband of Bernadette Hedgehog, brother of renowned scientist Sir Charles Hedgehog and father of the world-famous Freedom Fighter and hero Sonic the Hedgehog. During his time of service to the Acorn Kingdom Army in the Great War, Jules was fatally injured, forcing him to become the first ever Mobian in history to go through Charles' latest and greatest creation; the Roboticizer, to save his life, though could never hope to return to normal due to his lingering injuries. In recent years Jules had been reunited with his son and family and, despite being the last Robian, continues to be the father Sonic lacked for many years.


Early life

Jules hedgehog

Jules before being robotized, from Sonic the Hedgehog #50.

Jules Hedgehog was born several years prior to the Great War, and together with his brother Charles was a student of Nate Morgan, the Overlander who created the Power Rings.[citation needed] He and his brother were inspired by the historical stories written by Kirby.[1]

While still at school, Jules frequently debated against another hedgehog called Bernie as the two would often spar in class debates, and lost to her all the time. Although Jules remembered her, the two did not meet again until during the Great War.[1]

Veteran of the Great War

Jules served valiantly in the Great War alongside his brother Charles. During a reconnaissance mission in the Badlands, Jules and his brother discovered the injured Julian Kintobor, who was escaping captivity from his own people. Despite his brother's objections, Jules felt they should help the Overlander as he might be able to help turn the tide of the war. Thus the two brought him back to Mobotropolis.

Jules wounded

Jules getting shot and mortally wounded during the Great War

During the Overlander's siege of Mobotropolis, Jules was part of a small group of troops that managed to take refuge in the city's underground catacombs, only to be led behind enemy lines by Bernadette and Cocoa. Due to the element of surprise, the task force was able to chase off the Overlanders, defeating or capturing all but the commanding officer of the unit, Colin Kintobor.

Some time later, after marrying Bernadette and having a their son "Sonic" Maurice Hedgehog, Jules was part of a small task force employed to seek out and recover the infamous historian Kirby. While on the mission the group encountered a lone Overlander soldier. In his haste to capture the enemy, Jules was caught off guard and received a mortal wound. The enemy troop was subsequently defeated by Bernadette, and Jules was brought back to Mobotropolis to undergo treatment.

The First Robian

The wound he obtained however, proved fatal unless drastic alternative measures were taken. With no other alternative to save his brother's life, Charles decided there was only one hope to save Jules: the Roboticizer. Unbeknownst to Charles, Warlord Julian had already tampered with the machine, and upon Jules' roboticization, he became little more than a mindless drone. Robbed of his free will, Jules was rendered a mindless tool that Robotnik had the audacity to manipulate into roboticizing Bernadette.

Reunited with Sonic

Years later, Charles regained his free will after Robotnik opened up the Void. Following this, he sought out his brother and helped to restore his free will with a Power Ring, along with that of Bernadette and a few other Robians. Those who had their free will restored joined an underground network in Robotropolis to help the Freedom Fighters against Robotnik.

After Robotnik's demise, Jules and the rest of the Robians hid in the slums of Robotropolis. Soon afterward, he met his son for the first time in roughly ten years. Unfortunately, Jules had a rough time being a father, as his brother Charles is Sonic's established father figure. Shortly after being reunited with his parents, Sonic was quite embarrassed with Jules for calling Sonic by his middle name "Maurice," right in front of Knuckles and Antoine. While Sonic followed Antoine to try and shut him up, Knuckles explained to Jules that he sympathizes with this ordeal as he has his own share of family problems.

The relationship continued to be rocky at times, as being kept in the dark about their fates not only made Sonic mistrust his parents, but Charles as well. It got so bad that Ixis Naugus used that to fan the flames of mistrust with Maximillian Acorn, and nearly started a civil war.

Despite all these problems, Sonic would rely on help from his parents at one point. When Robo-Robotnik returned and re-enslaved all of the Robians, Jules and Bernie were unaffected due to a ring-based gift Sonic had given them, with help from Chuck and Nate Morgan. When Robo-Robotnik had Sonic cornered aboard his space station and gloated about his triumph, Jules and Bernie revealed that they still had their free will, distracting Robo-Robotnik long enough for Sonic, Jules and Bernie to retreat. Still this incident—combined with the temporary loss of Uncle Chuck and Muttski—would cause Sonic to fear for their safety.

Adding to his problems, Jules is the last remaining Robian who has not been de-roboticized; when the aliens known as the Bem used their technology to de-roboticize everyone on the planet, Jules remained the only Robian trapped in his robotic state—excluding Bunnie Rabbot, who had previously replaced her roboticized parts for regular cybernetics for health reasons. Sonic found out that due to his war injuries sustained before being roboticized, de-roboticizing Jules would prove fatal.

Being roboticized did not make him invulnerable though. Dr. Eggman had, once, sent an Automaton of Tommy Turtle to Knothole. The fake Tommy Turtle went to Sonic's house on a mission to assassinate Sonic. Sonic, shortly after Tommy had arrived, came home from an all-night mission King Acorn had sent him on and was awfully tired. He went straight to bed after he ate half the stuff on his plate. Tommy, in a bit if a rush, bumped into Jules while following Sonic in the hallway. When Tommy was in Sonic's room and Sonic was asleep, Tommy's hand changed into a drill. Just as Tommy was about to strike the drill into Sonic's head, Jules burst into the room. Jules had sensed the infiltrator and confronted it, only to have the drill shoved through his chest, shattering it completely. After destroying the fake turtle, Sonic took Jules's body to Chuck, only for Chuck to conclude that Jules's life force was gone. Just as Chuck pronounced Jules dead, Sonic remembered the Lake of Rings. Noting the time, Sonic raced to the lake, swiped a Power Ring, and used it to bring Jules back from the dead.

Recent Activities

After Eggman received a warning that he would be "shut down" within 24 hours, the dictator took a visit to Knothole in order to ask for Sonic's help. Upon arriving at the Hedgehog's home, Jules confronted Eggman, pressing him for answers on why he had come. After Eggman explained the situation, Jules was still hesitant to allow Eggman to simply use his son's skills to save him.

Jules, Nicole, and Bunnie Rabbot were unknowingly infiltrated by nanites under the control of A.D.A.M. at the behest of Eggman, presumably for intelligence-gathering. A.D.A.M. later used Jules in his own plan, which he set in motion when Jules kidnapped Tails and brought him to a huge 'city' built by the Nanites. Jules was then instructed to self-destruct once his task was completed, but instead he took advantage of a loophole in the order, as A.D.A.M. hadn't told him when to self-destruct. He was able to hold off the process until A.D.A.M. was destroyed and his influence over Jules and the others ended.

Jules then moved on with his life, loving his family and friends. When a group of Chao were discovered near their home, Jules insisted on keeping one of them as a pet following Eggman's failure to destroy the Chao Garden.

Jules confronts Scourge

Jules confronting Scourge, from Sonic the Hedgehog #192.

Jules later confronted Scourge the Hedgehog when he attempted to beat Sonic in his sleep. Jules was quick to insult Scourge, stating that because Mobius was full of heroes, their universe must be full of cowards. Scourge revealed to Jules his history with his father, and how Moebius had been a peaceful place until Scourge "woke it up" from the Great Peace. Jules pointed out he was a veteran of the Great War and would not go peacefully, adding that while Scourge might not miss his father, he was certain that Sonic would if he tried to kill him. With those words, Scourge left Sonic's house, crying due to what Jules had said.




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