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Sticks with a painting made with Jujutsu Realism.

Jujutsu Realism[1] is a subject that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is an artform that combines martial arts and painting.


Jujutsu Realism is essentially a form of fingerpainting. Instead of the traditional movements used for this artform, however, one uses martial arts moves to apply the paint. According to Sticks, it is the purest form for expressing the depths of souls like her.[1]


TV series

Season two


Sticks using Jujutsu Realism.

Having a lot of paint to spare, Sticks would make several paintings in the Village Center with Jujutsu Realism. However, she would later smash these painting while venting her anger.[1]


  • Jujutsu Realism's name is a combination of the names for real-life artforms, namely Jujutsu and Realism. "Jujutsu" is a Japanese martial arts with focus on close-up hand-to-hand combat, and "Realism" is the art where one attempts to depict a subject truthfully.


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