Quotation1.svg Rapier of the holy knight; it's shape looks familiar... Quotation2.svg
— Description, Sonic and the Black Knight[1]

Joyeuse (ジュワユース Juwayūsu?) is an item that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is an unlockable weapon that can be equipped to and wielded by Sir Percival.



Joyeuse is a highly stylized rapier-type sword. It has a lavender grip with red rings and a rose-lavender sword pummel with a thick golden ring. It also has a cup hilt in the shape of Percival's/Blaze's forehead with her hairband and ponytail on the foot of the blade, and is decorated with white swirling lines. The sword's thin blade is white and lavender with the midsection bulging out very slightly.


The following components are needed to craft Joyeuse at the Blacksmith:

When Joyeuse is equipped to Percival, she obtains the following Skills:

Name Description
Quick Step+3 Improves left/right movement while running.
Speed-Up+3 Running speed increased.
Landing Dash+2 Increases initial running speed after landing.
Quick Air+3 Improves left/right movement while jumping.
Turbo Jump+2 Increases speed of Jump Dash.
Charger+2 Improves starting acceleration.
All-Rounder Reduces the effect of tough terrain.
Soul Resurrection Soul Gauge energy used for health when Rings are gone.
Fairy Collector+2 Pulls in nearby fairies.
Ring Bonus Start with 5 rings.
Gauge Bonus+4 Start missions with energy in the Soul Gauge.
Aegis Lunge+2 Longer invulnerability time when starting Lunge Attack.
Aegis Aerial+1 Longer invulnerability time when starting Aerial Attack.
Slow Gauge Soul Gauge consumption reduced.
Ring Present+2 Rings increase with each Soul Surge attack.
Surge Rescue+1 Soul Gauge increased based upon 'hit count.'
Ring Rescue+1 Rings increase based upon 'hit count.'
Quick Return+1 Improves reaction time after collisions.
Lunge Attack Move forward and flick the Wii Remote to Lunge Attack.
Aerial Attack Move back and flick the Wii Remote to Aerial Attack.
Lunge Spread Increases the attack area of a Lunge Attack.
Attack Spread Increases the attack area of ground attacks.
Air Attack Spread+1 Increases the attack area of midair attacks.
Perfect Guard Guard with just the right timing.
Attack Step Attack becomes possible when using a short jump.
Soul Surge Press the B button when there is energy in the Soul Gauge.
Knight of Flame Special move usable only by Percival.
Crest of Heart Special move usable only by Percival.


  • No: 229
  • I.D. Point Price: N/A
  • Rarity Level: 0/10
  • Item Type: N/A
  • Location: Crafted at Blacksmith


Joyeuse is the name traditionally given to the personal sword of Charlemagne. The name translates to English as "Joyous."


  • If you look closely at it, the hilt looks surprisingly like Blaze's head.
  • Despite being a weapon heavily associated with fire, one of its components, the wavestone, is associated with water; moreover, another, the ice crystal, is associated with ice, both are considered to be opposite elements from fire.


  1. In-game description of Joyeuse in the Treasury.

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