Jorge Arvizu was a Mexican voice actor who has worked for different spin-offs in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Jorge Arvizu died on 18 March of 2014 in Mexico City, Mexico, after suffering from a heart failure.[1]


He has been actively dubbing cartoon characters since the 1950s, earning him a reputation as the Spanish Mel Blanc.

Arvizu began his career as a magician and appeared on early Mexican television. His voice career began with the Spanish-language dub of the puppet series Howdy Doody, as Howdy and his friend Don Burro. He soon established himself dubbing such theatrical cartoon stars as Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Mr. Magoo, Mighty Mouse, Popeye, and Felix the Cat.


  • Dr. Doom - Fantastic Four
  • Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert - Sesame Street
  • Fred Flintstones - The Flintstones
  • Henry Orbit - The Jetzons
  • Popeye - Popeye


Voice acting


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