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Jordan was a Mobian Echidna, the brother of Aaron and the son of Rembrandt. He was the first Guardian to be trained at a young age to survive on his own.


Training to Become a Guardian

Following Aaron's death while he was stopping Menniker from launching a nuclear missile, Jordan approached his grieving father and asked if he could be trained as a Guardian to take up his brother's place. Rembrandt agreed, but trained Jordan in a different fashion than any previous Guardian. By keeping certain information—including the continued existence of previous Guardians—secret from Jordan, Rembrandt taught his son to gain responsibility gradually, eventually leaving him alone to learn self-reliance in a tradition that continued on to Jordan's son Mathias all the way down to Knuckles, though the Brotherhood of that time were uneasy about this change in tradition.

After Death

Generations later, Jordan appeared to the deceased Knuckles along with other deceased Brotherhood members at the youngest Guardian's funeral.

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