Johnny's Races[1] are special Sea Stages in Sonic Rush Adventure. As the name suggests, these stages involve Sonic racing against Johnny on their respective waterbikes for a Chaos Emerald. If Sonic is victorious, he will be awarded the Emerald. Clearing all seven races will contribute to the unlocking of the game's true final boss and ending.

These races serve the same purpose as Special Stages seen in other games of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Note that only Sonic is playable in these levels as Blaze collects Sol Emeralds from a different method.


The method to challenge Johnny to a race for a Chaos Emerald is the requirement of the player to travel out into certain locations at the sea (using the hovercraft or submarine is recommended as they can travel further distances than the other vessels). While traveling through the seas, if the vessel stops somewhere along the route by passing through a Goal gate without the Goal text, the Sea Chart will mark that location with Johnny's face. Tails will the player that they have spotted Johnny and asks if they wish to accept Johnny's challenge. The location where the race occurs will depend which Chaos Emerald the player can earn and the difficulty Johnny will race at.

After the race, the player will resume their original plotted route as a regular Sea Stage on their original vessel.

The player can replay any of the Johnny's Race stages at the Viking Cup by talking to Norman. Especially for the later (and harder) races, it is recommended that the player upgrades the Wave Cyclone with Materials to have a better chance of winning.

The approximate locations of all seven Johnny's Race stages and their Emeralds are as follows:

No. Chaos Emerald Location
1 Red Northeast of Coral Cave (The player automatically plays this race on route to Coral Cave for the first time.)
2 Blue Southeast of Southern Island
3 Yellow Southeast of Machine Labyrinth
4 Green North of Kylok's island
5 Grey Northeast of Hidden Island 16
6 Turquoise Southwest of Hidden Island 2
7 Purple Northwest of Hidden Island 4


The objective for the player is to beat Johnny to the goal in this race on the Wave Cyclone. Each of the seven races features a unique layout. In many cases, Johnny will boost through the stage, leaving yellow marks behind and when the player rides through them, he/she will get a temporary boost. Johnny will then try to attack Sonic by dropping red mines and shooting green missiles at him. If the Wave Cyclone's Health Gauge depletes (from obstacles or Johnny's attacks) or if Johnny reaches the goal first, the race ends in failure but the player is welcome to retry the race as many times as needed. To keep in the lead, the player must continually use the Boost by collecting Rings and performing Tricks. If Johnny is behind Sonic, he may use the Boost, (shown by his icon on the top screen and the green exclamation mark on the Touch screen) in attempt to overtake Sonic. If Johnny boosts directly into Sonic, he will end up taking a lot of damage.




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