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Is that your best?

— Joe Musashi, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Joe Musashi is one of the main characters from the Shinobi series. He is a Japanese ninja - skilled with shurikens and melee attacks who is self-confident when it comes to assigned missions and ninja-like tasks.

Game appearances

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Joe Musashi is unlocked for 80 stars in Twilight Engine, which can be found in World Tour. Joe Musashi drives a black, yellow, and white quad bike with white and silver wheels, and becomes a jet ski when transformed into a boat.

When his All-Star Move is activated, Joe Musashi releases several fireballs, which attack and home on his opponents. His All-Star is ranked 5 of 5, making it one of the more efficient and useful abilities in the game.

SEGA Heroes

In SEGA Heroes, Joe Musashi appears as a minor protagonist in the Campaign mode of the game, as he helps AiAi, Amy, Ax Battler, and others defeat Dremagen. He has little-to-no dialogue in the game.

In gameplay, Joe Musashi is a yellow rare hero that can be obtained by earning 25 of his character shards.

In other media

Joe Musashi in Sonic the Comic.

Sonic the Comic

Joe Musashi appeared in Sonic the Comic as the protagonist of the stories "The Dark Circle", "Fear Pavilion", "The Art of War", "Way of the Warrior" and "Power of the Elements".

The Dark Circle

In Tokyo, Japan, Musashi began his quest to find Naoko. His travels brought him to a warehouse marked with the symbol for The Void, leader of the Neo Zeed. Inside, Musashi used his haragei to locate any threats, but he could not detect any.

The Fear Pavilion

Musashi visited the Ibakari Province of Japan where he believed the Neo Zeed were holding Naoko. Scaling an ornamental pagoda in silence, he made his way into the building and challenged the foot-soldiers inside, demanding to know Naoko's whereabouts. He soon learned that he had stumbled into a trap, one that must see him defeat several highly-trained Neo Zeed warriors before he could learn more of where Naoko is.

The Art of War

Musashi returned to Japan and took up the position of a news vendor outside the Neo Zeed building, hoping to gain information. He decided the safest course of action was entering from above with a glider and abseiled through a window. After hacking a computer terminal, the building was alerted to his presence and guards were hot on his tail. After evading them and heading into an open elevator shaft, he was attacked by ninjas but survived.

Way of the Warrior

Fresh from his victory, Musashi battled more Neo Zeed ninjas only for him to come face to face with The Void himself in an alleyway.

Power of the Elements

Musashi returned as a news vendor to stake out the home of the Yakuza, the crime organisation the Four Elements had affiliated with. They discovered that Musashi had been watching them and captured him, only for him to escape soon after. Musashi ran to the home of the Roofworlders, who hid from the trouble on the streets.






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