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Lin's only daughter, who has recently been initiated into the family meat bun business. Since then, she has been busy every day, churning out one bun after another. Jinlin's goal is to further evolve the craft before passing the shop down to her own daughter, Hualin.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Jinlin (ジンリン Jinrin?) is a character that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. She is a human resident of Chun-nan, the only daughter of Lin, the wife of Wang and the mother of Hualin. As per tradition, Jinlin is the next in line to take over her family's meat bun business, and helps as well in preparing her daughter to succeed her.


When Jinlin was about fifteen, she "went through a lot". As she became older, Jinlin followed the family tradition, where she was trained by her mother to take over the family's meat bun shop. Though she had many hardships to overcome, Jinlin accepted her role as a meat bun maker. After overcoming many obstacles and training, Jinlin became a capable meat bun maker.

At some point in her life, Jinlin met Wang and married him, and the two of them had a daughter they named Hualin. As Hualin came of age, Jinlin was pressured by her mother to pass on the family recipe to Hualin since she was meant to take over the meat bun shop after Jinlin. Together with Lin, Jinlin began training Hualin in meat bun making and had Hualin work with her in the kitchen. Training Hualin proved to be a difficult task for Jinlin, as she had very little interest in meat buns, much to Jinlin's dismay. A short time before the events of Sonic Unleashed, Jinlin had completed her training and finally took over her family's meat bun shop from her mother and became the next meat bun maker in the family. Since then, she had been very busy with her profession.

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Jinlin learned that the village elder Zonshen had gone missing when he went out to find the village's treasure. Having great respect for the elder, Jinlin became very worried about Zonshen's well-being. When she later met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip upon their first visit to Chun-nan, Jinlin explained to them why the village was in an uproar and what had happen to Zonshen. When Sonic and Chip later returned with Zonshen, Jinlin expressed how relieved she was that the elder was safe to them and that they were now the village's heroes.

Not long after Sonic and Chip had saved Zonshen, Badniks began roaming outside Chun-nan. Perturbed by the machines, Jinlin was left so afraid that she could not sleep at night, Fortunately, Sonic and Chip soon returned, and Jinlin explained to them about their situation while fearing that the robots would never leave. Sonic and Chip managed to drive Eggman's robots away, however, and as they returned, Jinlin told them that the village looked much safer now. Jinlin then told Sonic and Chip that she and the village owed them and decided to celebrate by seeing how many meat buns she could make.

Soon after, Jinlin faced new problems as Hualin became more reluctant about making meat buns, which made it harder for her to train Hualin. During this period, Jinlin would often talk with Sonic and Chip whenever they came by about the troubles she had with Hualin and her family business, while also informing them about how her hardships made her a good meat bun maker and about how their meat buns were made.

Eventually, Hualin had enough of meat buns and ran away from Chun-nan, despite Jinlin's protests. Jinlin was at first calm about the situation and believed that it was just a phase when Hualin would not listen to her. After Hualin had left, Jinlin met Sonic and Chip again and told them what had happen, while explaining what she thought the reason was for Hualin leaving and that she thought Hualin would soon come home.

As time passed and Hualin did not come home, Jinlin became increasingly more worried about Hualin. Both confused and worried about the state of the world, Hualin hoped that Hualin could stay out of trouble. Things only became worse for Jinlin when she heard that Empire City had been overrun by Eggman's robots, and she feared for Hualin's safety if she went there. As she tried to figure out where Hualin would go next, Jinlin would spent the nights pleading that her little girl would come home soon before she got too lonely. During this period, whenever Jinlin met Sonic and Chip, she would express her worries about Hualin's well-being to them when she heard news of the world.

Jinlin's fears were eventually put to rest when Hualin returned to Chun-nan. She was also happy to hear that after her travels, Hualin had finally decided to become a part of the family business and learn the secret family recipe for meat buns. After Hualin had returned home, Jinlin met Sonic and Chip again and told them that Hualin had come home and that she wanted to make meat buns, before concluding that Hualin must had learned a lot on her travels.

As Jinlin and Lin resumed Hualin's training, Jinlin was glad that her daughter finally showed some effort, though Hualin and Lin continued to butt heads. Around this time, Jinlin encountered Sonic and Chip again, and told them about Hualin's training, before remarking that she feared that there was a long road ahead for them all.


Having embraced her family tradition, Jinlin is very passionate about the meat bun craft: since being initiated into the family business, she has been churning out one bun after another every day, and her goal is to further evolve the craft.


  • One possible interpretation of Jinlin's name in Chinese is "金林", meaning "Golden Forest".


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