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Race or no, there's paper work. And like you said, it's where I shine.

— Jewel the Beetle, Sonic the Hedgehog #69

Jewel the Beetle[4][7] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic beetle and the curator of the Mineral Museum. She is also Tangle the Lemur's best friend and the current director of the Restoration.

Concept and creation[]

Jewel was conceptualized by Ian Flynn, while her design was handled by Jennifer Hernandez.[1]


Jewel is an anthropomorphic beetle with primarily light blue skin, pink eyes with a long eyelash on each one, a small black nose and a white muzzle. She has an even lighter blue iridescent exoskeleton with a pink, yellow, green, and blue rainbow-like sheen. Her antennae are light blue, while the interior of her wings are cream.

For attire, she wears a french pink blazer with two navy buttons, a white cravat attached to a gold brooch with a medium blue gem, a matching french pink miniskirt, white gloves with navy cufflinks, navy tights, and french pink wedge pumps with navy soles.



Jewel has been a resident of Spiral Hill Village for years. She grew up with Tangle the Lemur, who became her best friend. Jewel would constantly look out for Tangle, as she had a tendency to run into danger head first. Over the years, Tangle would find several items during her adventures, which Jewel used to curate the Mineral Museum.[8]

Bonds of Friendship[]


Storm throws Jewel off of the blimp, from Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019.

One day, as Jewel was working in her museum, Tangle barged in, startling her. Tangle introduced Jewel to her new friend, Whisper the Wolf. Jewel introduced herself and the museum, explaining how Tangle helped collect items for her to curate the museum. Soon though, the sky ominously turned dark. Whisper immediately after pulled out her Variable Wispon as she had heard a scream come from outside. A moment afterward, the Babylon Rogues broke in Jewel's museum and began stealing her exhibitions. Too scared to do anything, Jewel covered in a corner, only to be mistaken for a gemstone by Storm the Albatross, who put Jewel in his bag and took her up to the Babylon Rogues' blimp. After Storm unveiled Jewel to Jet and Wave however, Tangle and Whisper arrived to save Jewel. After a heated discussion with Wave about how they should handle this hostage situation, Jet got tired and told Storm to throw everyone out. Storm proceeded to throw Jewel out of the blimp. On the way, Jewel slightly cracked her wing against the hangar, preventing her from flying freely. Fortunately, Tangle and Whisper came to her rescue, with both Tangle and Whisper managing to hang onto her and Whisper using her Variable Wispon to gently lower them down. Jewel's wings soon got patched up. With Tangle having reclaimed the stolen minerals as well, Jewel and her friends began restoring the Mineral Museum. Meanwhile, Jewel thanked both Tangle and Whisper for saving her life and her livelihood.[8]

Tangle & Whisper[]


Jewel advises some caution, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #1.

Jewel later found Tangle recklessly swinging around in the streets of Spiral Hill Village. She asked for Tangle to stop before she ran into someone but Tangle dismissed her concerns. However, Jewel was right, as Tangle soon crashed into Ron's chili dog cart. The duo then ordered chili dogs and went to Jewel's museum. There, Jewel mocked Tangle for running into a stationary object and asked why she had been so restless lately. Tangle told her that the reason for that was because after fighting against robot invasions and meeting Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, she no longer wanted to return to her boring life. Jewel asked her what was stopping her from finding adventures on her own, to which Tangle replied that she did not wish to have Dr. Eggman's Badniks attack the town again. She also stated that she would feel lonely without Jewel by her side. Soon though, the duo heard a crash from outside. Jewel immediately cowered behind her desk, worrying that the Babylon Rogues had returned. Tangle, however, told Jewel to hide while she checked the situation out.[9]

When Jewel looked outside, she saw what appeared to be Sonic running away from Whisper. Later, Tangle, Whisper and Whisper's Wisps came to the museum where Whisper explained over some tea Jewel offered them that the Sonic that Jewel saw was a mercenary shapeshifter named Mimic whom Whisper had been tracking. Whisper also told the two that Mimic aided Dr. Eggman in destroying his own team a while back and had now resurfaced to impersonate Sonic and wreak havoc. In addition, Mimic was targeting not only Whisper but Tangle as well. Seeing this as an opportunity for Tangle to find adventure, Jewel told Tangle to join Whisper in her quest to stop Mimic. After Whisper was convinced to let Tangle come along, the trio heard a "thunk" at the door. Finding a message from Mimic struck to the door with a dagger that told Whisper that they should end this once and for all, Jewel was upset about the damage done to her door.[9]

The Catalyst and The Last Minute[]


Jewel calls Tangle for help as the Faceship arrives at Spiral Hill Village, from Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2020.

Some time after Tangle and Whisper's encounter with Mimic, Jewel learned from Tangle about the Metal Virus, a substance created by Dr. Eggman that turned those infected with it into Zombots. One day, Jewel was in village square when the president of the Sonic Fan Club approached and asked if she had seen Tangle, as he was hoping the latter could help him find his missing friends. Jewel told him Tangle was absent, but she offered to help him, saying she was sort of a hero herself after the number of times she had gotten Tangle out of trouble. The two went to Spiral Hill farms where the rest of the club members were last seen and soon found the club's vice president stranded on a haystack surrounded by a metallic liquid. Jewel, recognizing it as the Metal Virus' base form, warned the children not to touch it. Unaware that the vice president had already touched it and the president curiously touched the liquid anyway, Jewel helped the young wolf up.

The trio then saw Eggman's Faceship appear over the farm again and dump more of the Metal Virus. Jewel grabbed the children and fled back to town, seeing more of the club members along the way; however, they did not call their attention as they had all turned into Zombots. When they arrived back at the village, Jewel discovered that the children were infected and, having touched them, so was she. To make matters worse, the Faceship arrived over Spiral Hill Village at that moment and began dumping the Metal Virus into it. Jewel desperately contacted Tangle and the Restoration for help, but she became a Zombot before they could arrive. Jewel had returned to the Mineral Museum by then and lurking on a podium when Tangle came to check on her later. She ambushed Tangle and struck her in the shoulder, infecting her, although the lemur enclosed the Zombot beetle in a glass case before she could do more harm.[10][11][12]

All or Nothing[]

After the Deadly Six had taken over Eggman's plans, Zavok used his powers to lead a large horde of Zombots to Angel Island, which included Jewel. After Super Sonic and Super Silver had reversed the effects of the Metal Virus all around the world, the Zombots were no more and were cured.[13][14][15]

Out of the Blue[]


Jewel parties with her friends, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

Some time later, after being told by Tangle of Amy Rose's current lack of satisfaction with her role in the Restoration, Jewel visited the hedgehog at Restoration HQ. She offered to take over her position in administration of the Restoration as she liked cataloging and organizing and felt excited at the thought of bringing it to order. Amy was taken happily taken aback by this, but thanked Jewel and accepted her offer. She then made sure to bring the beetle up to speed before stepping down. Later on, Jewel joined Tangle's party in Spiral Hill Village. Though she enjoyed her time for a while, the party was soon crashed by Eggman arriving in a large mecha with the intent of destroying everyone.[16] Cowering in fear, Jewel did not know what to do when Whisper asked her for a plan as she was only concerned with organizing the Restoration, thus prompting Vector to take over. After Eggman was defeated, the mecha destroyed and Sonic having returned from his absence, Jewel informed Tangle that the fire in Spiral Hill Village created by Eggman's attack would need to be extinguished.[17]

Test Run![]

With Amy's help, Jewel and the Restoration got a brand new and more efficient HQ set up. After a while, Jewel and Amy welcomed Sonic, Tails and Belle to the Restoration's new HQ when the trio arrived to instate Belle into the Restoration. Jewel subsequently sent Belle to the machine shop. After giving Sonic and Tails a grand tour of the new HQ though, Jewel received a report on a weather-controlling tower along the coast that was made by Eggman. Since Jewel and the Restoration did not have the resources to deal this threat, Sonic, Tails and Amy volunteered to go investigate it. Tangle wanted to join them as well, but Jewel reminded her that she had inventory duties.[2]

Zeti Hunt![]

Jewel eventually summoned the Chaotix to the new Restoration HQ to help them solve the problem with some horned monsters who had been attacking the last few cities. The Chaotix subsequently determined that the Deadly Six were responsible for the attacks, and that their next target would be Sunset City.[18] Jewel soon after contacted Sonic, Tails, and the Chaotix, who told her about their plan to capture the Deadly Six. However, the Deadly Six would later attacked Restoration HQ. As such, Jewel, along with Tangle and Whisper, barricaded themselves in the control room, waiting for help.[19] When Sonic arrived and began fighting the Deadly Six, Jewel contacted Tails and the Chaotix to make them hurry to Restoration HQ and help Sonic. Though the Deadly Six were eventually defeated by Sonic and Tails, Jewel and her friends discovered that Dr. Starline had kidnapped Belle in the meantime.[20] Jewel was later called by Tails, who gave her an update on the Deadly Six's deportation back to the Lost Hex. Jewel then told Tails that the Chaotix had missed their latest check-in. However, Sonic allayed Jewel's fears by assuring her that the Chaotix were fine and on the job finding Belle.[21]

Trial by Fire[]

Though she found it hard to be torn away from the important work at the Restoration, Jewel would go on a camping trip with Amy, Tangle and Belle for some rest and relaxation. On the way there, Jewel noticed Tangle zone out about stuff about the Restoration, and admitted that she knew that feeling. Eventually arriving at the Forest Ridge Zone Campground, the group learned from the camp's ranger to careful with fire as the forest was dry this season. After then helping setting up camp with Tangle, Jewel would roast marshmallows with her friends at night, only to see Tangle Zone out again. Eventually though, Jewel and the others had their futures predicted by Amy's fortune cards. Although Jewel was doubtful about Amy's claims, she nonetheless received a card from her that fit with her position as director of the Restoration. As tensions began to run high in the group though, Jewel decided to call it a night. Later, Jewel awoke to find the forest on fire. With Amy and Tangle joining her, they found the campsite in chaos. Amidst this, they found the camp ranger looking for his son, Ashe, who had disappeared. With Tangle stepping up to search for Ashe, Jewel was brought along as Amy agreed to help the ranger evacuate the other campers.[22]

After Jewel and Amy heard from the ranger that the spreading fire and small roads made a mass-evacuation from the campgrounds unadvisable, Jewel suggested to Amy that they should coordinate the campers, but found it difficult since everyone were scared. As the campers and ranger's arguments and accusations grew more heated however, Amy silenced everyone with a demonstration of her Piko Piko Hammer. As the campers then demanded a plan of action for them after Amy tried talking sense to them, Amy handed the organization efforts over to Jewel. At first, Jewel was unsure of what she could do to help, but Amy gave her confidence and convinced her to try anyway. Jewel thus had everyone work on getting the elderly and the children to safety while getting the others to work protecting themselves and the rest of the forest by containing the spread of the fire.[23] While coordinated a firefighting action with Amy however, Jewel saw Tangle, Belle, Ashe and Red Hot arrived at the campground via the nearby river. Coming to their aid, Jewel got frightened when she saw that they had brought a Motobug with them. However, Tangle and Belle assured her that it was friendly. Regardless, the fire was still spreading. Fortunately, Jewel was able to formulate a plan of action, although she was unsure of it and needed the others' help. With her friends joining up with her to carry out her plan though, Jewel went to work directing the campers with Belle while Amy and Tangle temporarily dammed the nearby river upon Jewel's instructions, making it overflow long enough for its waters to quench much of the forest fire and prevent any remaining fires from spreading further. As the heroines withdrew from the saved forest. they group congratulated Jewel, who admitted that this would not have been possible without their help. Jewel was then taken by surprise when Tangle told her that she was quitting the Restoration. Regardless, Jewel understood her decision, knowing that she was not comfortable with the organization and was only there to cheer her friend, and allowed her to go after assuring her that they both would be fine without the other. Afterward, they devised a new plan of action.[24]

Future Growth and Overpowered[]

Jewel helped harvest the garden in the Emeraldville Ruins, along with other members of the Restoration.[25] Sometime after this, Jewel contacted Tails about conflicting reports of an attack in Central City. She explained Tangle and the other Restoration volunteers were dealing with a Badnik attack from the night before and asked if he was in the area. Tails said he and Sonic would check it out, which Jewel was very thankful for and wished them luck.[26]

Urban Warfare[]

Lanolin proposed to Jewel for the Restoration to have a rapid-response team to both protect people and act against threats before they cause damage. Jewel believed this would help expand the Restoration's efforts and approved the idea. Jewel then got word of a new city Eggman was building. Jewel believed Lanolin and her new team were quite capable, but they would be facing a serious opponent if they went to investigate the city without help. Jewel invited Sonic to a meeting with her and Lanolin's team. She explained their plan and asked for him to help the team on their mission. Sonic agreed.[27] Jewel would later get a message from Sonic requesting backup. Jewel would contact Tails, Amy, Silver, and Blaze to come help him.[28]

After the city was destroyed and the group returned to base, Jewel joined her friends for a picnic to celebrate. She helped Amy bring her cake out and happily sliced it.[29]


During the aftermath of Silver's fight with Duo, Jewel went to the scene and called for a medic. She went to Lanolin to sort out what happened and confirmed with Silver what he did. Lanolin called for a vote to see if Silver should stay with the Diamond Cutters and Jewel encouraged Tangle to say her vote. Later, Jewel visited with Duo in the infirmary and apologized for the incident. She offered to make it up to him by letting him work in her office temporarily. Duo accepted and Jewel looked forward to working with him.[30] Sometime later, Jewel met with Clutch to make an agreement with Clean Sweep Inc. and the Restoration.[31]

Endless Summer[]

Jewel got startled after Sonic sped into her office, sending most of her paperwork flying all over the place. Sonic helped Jewel clean up and made a clever remark about how she's been working her butt off, but Jewel says she's not too bothered by it. However, she tells him that she misses being with Tangle and Whisper and has barely been able to hang out with her since they are busy training with the new Diamond Cutters. She says it's like they don't even notice her anymore. Despite saying she's OK and has to deal with her paperwork, Sonic returns to her office, spilling her paperwork again, much to Jewel's irritation, and tells her that they have a mission.

Sonic, Tangle, Whisper and Jewel arrived at a beach near Green Hill. Jewel was disappointed that Sonic had to pull her away from work just for a beach day. Sonic said that after 900 times of saving the world, he has to be in this for the long haul, which Jewel agreed with since that's what she is also in for. Sonic told Jewel that if she works too hard and doesn't express how she truly feels, she'll eventually be too tired out to help anyone. Finally convinced, Jewel joined Tangle and Whisper in the water. During a game of volleyball, Jewel heads to retrieve their ball after Tangle bounces it too high, but spots the Babylon Rogues on the other side of the beach. After getting spotted by them, Sonic and his friends got into a dispute over who should stay at the beach, which Tangle escalated further because of the fact that the Babylon Rogues robbed, kidnapped and chucked Jewel out of their blimp, though Jewel did remember that they helped save the world from the Metal Virus. Wave then decided that a tournament should be held, promising that the winning team gets to stay.

After playing Disc Catch, Sand Sculpting and Surfing, the teams moved onto Volleyball, which was the final round of the game. During the Volleyball game, Jewel started to feel left out as Sonic, Tangle and Whisper played against the Babylon Rogues without giving her involved, reminding her how lonely she felt when she was stuck at work while her friends were having fun without her. She then devised a plan for her team to win the tied match. The team took advantage of Jet's ego while they kept Storm and Wave away from the net. With the Babylon Rogues completely losing sight of Jewel's presence, she gained the upper hand and slammed the ball out of bounds on the Rogues' side, earning Sonic's team the victory. Jewel, feeling bad about sending the Babylon Rogues off like that, offered them a truce to let them stay with Sonic's team on the beach, which the Rogues reluctantly accepted.

During a campfire, Tangle told Jewel that she missed hanging out with her, and Jewel said she missed it too. They both agreed to hang out more next weekend.[32]

Spring Broken[]

Jewel would compete in the Annual Flower Frolic Competition, she competes to get the gemstone for her museum, but the winner is Espio and he decides to donate it to the museum.[33]

Clean Sweepstakes[]

Clutch is shown sitting with Jewel having some Chaos Cola. Jewel is repulsed by its sweetness and kindly declines the beverage. Clutch is amused by her reaction and tells her that it is an acquired taste. Jewel ponders if she should be down at ground level representing the Restoration, to which Clutch responds with a warning that being in the public eye is a recipe for trouble. He then tells of how an individual by themselves is approachable, fallible, and weak and Restoration should be seen as nothing more than an institution. Jewel counters this ideology, telling Clutch of how the Restoration has always tried to connect with the people it tries to help. Clutch assures her that they will help, but that changes are necessary. Jewel musses, to Clean Sweep Inc.'s credit, they have been impressive on the paperwork side. Clutch assures her that she hasn't seen the best of what his company has to offer, with plans to make their plans global scale. Jewel's alarm goes off as she realizes she has paperwork to do. Clutch stops her, noting how she'll miss the race. Jewel tells of how there is always paperwork to do and recalls how Clutch himself noted it was where she "shines".[34]

Later after the race Duo visits Jewel and tells her about Amy's disappearance. Duo says how they probably have moved on from the race, to Jewel backing that up saying how they are probably out saving the world elsewhere. Duo leaves, Jewel wishing him good night, and gives a pretty suspicious glare after he left.[35]


Jewel is a well-mannered person with a bright sense of humor and a passion for both minerals and organization. Whereas Tangle is reckless and loud, Jewel is more reserved and cautious. She is also a bit timid and does not like violence, but is still ready to help others as much as she can, sometimes at the risk of her own well-being. However, she easily succumbs to stressful situations, which makes it difficult for her to concentrate and leaves her in need of emotional support.[8][9]

Jewel likes to sort and organize documents, which is why she volunteered to be the director of the Restoration.[16] Initially, however, she lacked faith in her leadership and self-confidence. She felt that despite everything she had been through, she could not help anyone, which included her best friend. With Amy's help, however, she found the confidence she needed in her own abilities. This allowed Jewel to devise a successful plan to extinguish a forest fire at the Forest Ridge Zone Campground.[23][24]

Powers and abilities[]

Jewel has the ability to fly with her wings, as long as her elytra are intact.[8]


Tangle the Lemur[]

Jewel and Tangle the Lemur have been friends since their early childhood. Over the years, Jewel has had to keep an eye on Tangle, who is too reckless and careless for her own good. She also felt that her frequent rescues of Tangle had made her a hero to some extent. Over time, she and Tangle put together a sizable collection of exhibits for the Mineral Museum, which Jewel would gladly catalog.[8]

After Tangle met Sonic, Jewel had to keep an even closer eye on Tangle, reminding her to pay attention to the surroundings and be careful. She also began to notice a growing impatience in her and encouraged her to talk about it with her, during which Tangle told her about her restlessness. After hearing how Tangle desired adventure, Jewel encouraged her to leave Spiral Hill Village and go search for adventure, just like Sonic. Tangle, however, did not want to do this, as she did not want to leave her village unprotected.[9]

Thanks to Tangle, Jewel learned that Amy sought someone to take over as director of the Restoration. Jewel agreed to apply for this job, knowing how much she enjoyed working with organization.[16] Still, she later admitted that she needed Tangle's support, who had also joined the Restoration, as Jewel was afraid to join the organization alone. However, after she gained more experience and confidence, Jewel let Tangle go and respected her decision to leave. She also admitted that she was proud of her, knowing that the Restoration was not the right place for her and that she would do more to help the world on her own.[24]

Babylon Rogues[]

During Jewel's first meeting with the Babylon Rogues, the group would raid the Mineral Museum and robbed them of all their valuables. They also accidentally kidnapped Jewel herself, whom Storm mistook for a gemstone. This impression left Jewel with a great fear of her captors, making her shake in fear and asking them to let her go. It irritated her, however, when Storm did not see that she was a beetle. Jewel soon after nearly died when Storm threw her out of the blimp with a bruised wing.[8] After these events, Jewel became slightly paranoid, fearing that any sudden noises outside heralded the return of the Babylon Rogues.[9]

Amy Rose[]


Amy thanks Jewel and prepares to show her the ropes of the Restoration, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

Jewel met Amy Rose after being told by Tangle of Amy's current lack of satisfaction with her role as director in the Restoration. As such, Jewel visited Amy and offered to take over her position as director and felt excited at the thought of bringing it to order. Amy was taken happily taken aback by this and took a quick liking to Jewel, but nonetheless thanked her and accepted her offer. Together, they worked hard to prepare the organization to prepare the rebuilding phase of the world following the Zombot apocalypse, which turned out very successful. Amy would also motivate Jewel and fill her with the confidence she needed to be a Restoration leader. As such, they both have gotten to know each other well enough to spend their free time together.[2][16][22][23]

Clutch the Opposum[]






Concept artwork[]


Model sheet[]

Trading Cards[]



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