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Quotation1 I'm the leader! I call the shots! Quotation2
— Jet the Hawk, Sonic the Hedgehog: Annual 2019

Jet the Hawk is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an anthropomorphic hawk, an expert Extreme Gear rider, and the leader of the Babylon Rogues.



Jet's full profile, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Annual 2019.

Jet is an anthropomorphic hawk with emerald green and dark emerald green feathers covering his body and white feathers on his front torso. He has blue eyes and a golden beak. His hair is styled like a mohawk with dark green tips. He also has two tail feathers.

For attire, he wears a pair of white gloves with red and black cuffs, red, black and white boots with gray soles, and yellow and white goggles with gray strapping.


Bonds of Friendship

Jet and his gang eventually broke into the Mineral Museum in Spiral Hill Village in the middle of the day. Upon their arrival, Jet wasted no time and instructed Wave and Storm to grab as many of the museum's exhibitions as possible. After having grabbed a sizeable portion of the museum's treasures himself, Jet retreated back to the blimp with his team, running over Whisper the Wolf in the process. Inside their headquarters, Jet ignored Wave's enthusiasm about their haul, as he only cared about his Extreme Gear being kept in shape. When Storm then tried to show them a huge gem he had gotten, Jet and Wave discovered that what Storm had actually grabbed was the curator of the museum, Jewel the Beetle. Soon after, Tangle and Whisper arrived, demanding Jewel be handed back. Jet denied, however, and told the girls that they could only get Jewel back if they beat him in a race. This made Wave scold Jet for his behavior, as they were thieves, not kidnappers. Jet argued, however, that they could not just give up Jewel after Storm made them look incompetent. Soon though, Jet grew tired of arguing and asked for Storm to throw everyone out. When Storm complied by throwing Jewel out of the blimp however, Jet scolded Storm for making them look violent. Soon though, Tangle stopped Jet and his gang from interfering any more, as she and Whisper had it under control. After Jet and his gang then received a threat from Tangle about not coming to her village again, Tangle leapt out of the blimp with the stolen goods, angering Jet. Wave, however, told him to let them go as today was a hassle.[1]


Jet is a greedy thief, having no qualms about plundering official institutions in order to earn a profit. However, he does have some standards, as he does not want his gang to appear too violent, like when he scolded Storm for throwing Jewel out of their blimp. He also only seems interested in using his money to maintain his Extreme Gear. He is also very confident, but possesses a short temper.[1]

Jet is extremely prideful, as he refuse to have his and his gang appear incompetent. As such, he is quick to grab an opportunity to prove himself after having his image besmirched, even when the situation seems inappropriate. Namely, after accidentally kidnapping Jewel, Jet, in an effort to make himself appear competent, tried to have Jewel's rescuers compete against him in a race in order to show off his skills, even though Wave insisted that they were "only" thieves and not kidnappers.[1]

Powers and abilities

Jet has proven himself to be a capable and swift Extreme Gear rider. He is also a capable leader and a professional thief hat together allow him to lead his team into successful heists.[1]

Equipment and weapons

Jet's choice of equipment is his Type-J Extreme Gear, which he rides to perfection. He also wields the Bashōsen, a fan which he uses to create gusts of wind.[1]




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