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Early life

Jet was born into the Babylon clan of thieves known as the Babylon Rogues. He is a descendant of the Babylonians, an alien race that got stranded on Earth in ancient times and eventually became a legendary band of thieves which continued their legacy of theft for generations.

At some point, Jet became a member of the Babylon Rogues. When Jet's father retired from the Babylon Rogues, he passed down the position as leader of the Babylon Rogues and the Key to Babylon Garden to his son. Joined by Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross, the three of them formed the newest generation of Babylon Rogues and continued their clan's legacy of theft, with Jet taking leadership of his group.

During his carrier as one of the Babylon Rogues, Jet and his group went through a number of unknown criminal activities, achieving an infamous status. Over time, Jet's skills at Extreme Gear riding became renowned worldwide, earning him an impressive reputation, eventually reaching the point where he was called the "Legendary Wind Master" and a legendary rogue.[2] Meanwhile, Jet was determined to uncover the secret treasure in Babylon Garden, having heard the stories of the hidden treasure within it and that the Key to Babylon Garden could unlock it.

Sonic Riders

In Sonic Riders, Jet was in his office when Storm and Wave informed him that Dr. Eggman had arrived with a proposition to him. As Eggman explained that he had come because Jet had the Key to Babylon Garden, Jet did not trust him. However, Eggman revealed that the Key to Babylon Garden could reveal Babylon Garden if they collected the seven Chaos Emeralds. Seeing this would let them to obtain the Treasure of Babylon, Jet agreed to work with Eggman. Though Eggman warned Sonic would get in their way, Jet was certain Sonic would be no trouble.

With the Babylon Rogues working with Eggman, the doctor hosted the EX World Grand Prix, where the contestants had to pay an entry free of one Chaos Emerald, and the winner got to claim all seven. All Jet and his team had to do was win the competition. Traveling to Future City, Jet and his team successfully stole a Chaos Emerald as an entry feed, when Sonic chased after Jet on Storm's Type-S. However, Jet quickly blew Sonic off the Type-S and escaped with his team.

You suck Sonic Riders

Jet mocking Sonic in Green Cave.

After entering the EX World Grand Prix, Jet grew suspicious of Eggman's motives. Back at his office between the races, Jet was met by Storm, who apologized for losing to Knuckles in a race, and Wave. As Storm and Wave began to argue, Jet silenced them and told his suspicions about Eggman before sending Storm out to find anything Eggman could be hiding from them. Awaiting Storm's return in Green Cave, Jet remained relaxed while Wave kept fretting and lecturing him. Jet then noticed Sonic practicing his Extreme Gear skills nearby and snuck away to have fun taunting Sonic. Appearing before Sonic, Jet mocked his inability to master Extreme Gear before leaving.

After Jet made it to the finals, he and Wave met Storm at Sand Ruins, who had brought Eggman's diary. From it, Jet learned that the Treasure of Babylon was not a gem as Eggman made them believe, but actually the Babylonians' advanced technology, which the doctor hoped to use for world domination. Having no interest in that, Jet tried to leave, but Wave convinced him that the treasure could still be valuable, making stay in the competition.

At the finals, Jet mocked Sonic a final time before the race. At the end, Jet almost lost to Sonic, but Wave detonated a bomb under Sonic's Blue Star, allowing Jet to win. Mocking Sonic, Jet claimed the Chaos Emeralds and used them with the Key to Babylon Garden to reveal Babylon Garden. While jet was awestruck, Eggman snatched the Key to Babylon Garden from Jet to steal the treasure. Jet followed Eggman to Babylon Garden and pursued him on Extreme Gear when he met Sonic, who was after Eggman too. As such, the two raced each other to Eggman.

Jets loss to Sonic Riders

Jet defeated by Sonic.

In the end, Jet lost to Sonic, who retrieved the Key to Babylon Garden. While Jet was too proud to accept it, perceiving it as an act of pity, Wave took it on behalf of him, which he reluctantly accepted. The Babylon Rogues then entered Babylon Garden to get the treasure, but accidentally awoke the Babylon Guardian. With the timely arrival of Team Sonic and Amy, however, Jet and the others defeated the Guardian and found the Treasure of Babylon, which was a Magic Carpet, much to Eggman's disappointment, though Jet was still fascinated by his ancestry. With the ordeal over, Jet told Sonic to be ready when they met again before leaving with his team.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

My new power Zero Gravity

Jet discovers the artifact's power.

In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, a few months after the EX World Grand Prix,[3] Jet and his team were on a treasure hunt to Gigan Rocks to find an Ark of the Cosmos, an engine unit for Babylon Garden. There, Jet deactivates the ruin's trap and took the Ark of the Cosmos. When a shooting star then appeared, Jet wished for the power to beat Sonic, only for some falling meteors to create tremors that triggered the trap, dropping some boulders down on them. However, Jet somehow activated the Ark of the Cosmos, saving himself and his team, and he realized he could beat Sonic with it.

Back on the Babylon Rogues' airship, Jet overheard Wave's analysis of the Ark of the Cosmos and that there were five them in all. Jet then ordered Wave to make a radar to find the rest when Storm suddenly came with a news report saying that a SCR-GP stole an Ark of the Cosmos from the Megalo City Museum. Jet ordered Storm to take them to Megalo Station.

Arriving in Monopole, Jet tracked down the SCR-GP with the Ark of the Cosmos and made it crash, but lost track of its Ark of the Cosmos. Searching the ground, Jet saw that Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy were there as well, and that they had the Ark of the Cosmos. Just as he was exploding with anger, Jet was joined by Wave and Storm. Having overheard Sonic and his friends' conversation about going to MeteorTech, Jet and his team went ahead to gather information. Arriving at MeteorTech, Jet repelled the security robots with his Ark of the Cosmos, before meeting Sonic and ordering Amy to hand over the Ark of the Cosmos. Jet then challenged Sonic to a race, but as more robots showed up, Sonic and his friends left, and Jet following them.

Racing the blue blur to the control room, Jet and the others found Dr. Eggman, who was revealed to own MeteorTech. The doctor revealed that MeteorTech's mother computer contained an Ark of the Cosmos and that the robots currently on a global rampage were collecting more Arks of the Cosmos, which Jet knew that was due to the artifacts' influence. No sooner, Jet remembered that Amy still had the Ark of the Cosmos, only to discover that she was gone and currently being chased by Storm and SCR-HD on a video screen. Returning the air airship, Jet awaited Storm's arrival and was pleased when the albatross returned with two Arks of the Cosmos. Jet then heard Wave's description of an ancient Babylonian text about a "lightless black" tied to the Arks of the Cosmos, but had little interest in it. Just then, Jet discovered that their two Arks of the Cosmos had been stolen by Eggman, who planned to use them to take control of the world's robots and conquer the world. Wasting no time, the Babylon Rogues followed Eggman.

Arriving at the Crimson Tower, Jet and his team met Sonic and his friends soon after. Just as Sonic was about to leave to stop Eggman, Jet cut him off and challenged him to a race to Eggman, with the prize being all the Arks of the Cosmos and title of the fastest in the universe, which Sonic accepted.

Run away Zero Gravity

Jet accusing Sonic of running away.

The race eventually came to a draw, as both Jet and Sonic stopped Eggman at the same time, and stopped the robot rampage. After Babylon Garden appeared due to all Arks of the Cosmos being present, Jet was bewildered when Sonic handed over his Arks of the Cosmos. Jet accused Sonic of running away from their unsettled race, but Sonic promised to settle it at the World Grand Prix. Shortly after however, SCR-HD appeared and took all five Arks of the Cosmos to Babylon Garden, which transformed it into Astral Babylon and made it form a black hole, the "lightless black", that threatened to consume the planet. The Babylon Rogues and Team Sonic went to Astral Babylon to stop the back hole's engine, where they faced and defeated Master Core: ABIS, saving the world.

After this, Jet talked with Wave of how he was content on staying on Earth, especially since he wanted to settle his rivalry with Sonic, and took off with his team. Later on, Jet found Sonic in Monopole and challenged him to a new race through the city, which Sonic accepted.

Sonic Free Riders

SFR chara art JET

Jet in Sonic Free Riders.

In Sonic Free Riders, Jet and the Babylon Rogues entered the newest World Grand Prix as Team Babylon, hosted by Dr. Eggman to seek fame. When Omochao interviewed the team, Jet was confident in his skills and that the only competitor that mattered to him was Sonic.

For the first race, Team Babylon faced Team Dark, who Jet thought were overconfident. During their face-off though, Jet admitted to Shadow and Rouge that they were good. Regardless, Team Babylon still beat Team Dark, with Jet noting how blind his opponents were to their faults and that only Sonic could provide him a suitable challenge.

In their next race, Team Babylon faced Team Rose. As Team Babylon slowly secured their victory, Jet believed it could not go any different for them. Sure enough, Team Babylon beat Team Rose, who Jet taunted for their poor skills.

Having advanced to the finals, Team Babylon squared off against Team Heroes for the championship, with Jet's only interest being to face Sonic. When the time came for Jet and his team to race Team Heroes for the championship, Jet grew suspicious that Wave had messed with Team Heroes' Extreme Gears. After his team won, Jet tried to smear his victory in Sonic's face (without luck), but then heard Team Heroes had technical trouble, which Jet thought Wave was behind. Now not feeling right about his victory, Jet called a rematch with Sonic, intending to claim an absolute fair victory. With Sonic accepting the rematch, Jet beat Sonic in the following race, securing his team's victory. As Team Babylon were hailed as victors, Jet promising Sonic a future rematch.

During the World Grand Prix, Team Babylon lost a number of times to the other teams as well, with Jet remaining confident before the race only to get upset when losing. At the end of the tournament, Jet and the other teams came to the awards ceremony to collect their prizes, but Eggman made them have a final race against his "ultimate Gear-Jockey robot". After the race, Eggman revealed that he used the World Grand Prix to gather the riders' racing data with his E-10000 robots to create the ultimate Extreme Gear which he could use for his own agenda, before challenging Jet and the others to a race. However, Eggman lost the race and Jet mocked the scientist's genius. Suddenly, however, Jet witnessed Metal Sonic reveal himself as the one controlling the participant E-10000B and passing fake data to Eggman, while taking the real data himself to beat Sonic in Extreme Gear riding. Jet and the others then watched Sonic and Metal Sonic race each other, with Sonic winning.

With Metal Sonic's defeat, the World Grand Prix came to a close and it was revealed the prizes were fake. While Wave and Storm remained upset about wasting their time, Jet remained optimistic, as he still had a good time at the end of the day.

Other game appearances

Sonic and the Black Knight

Jet appears as Sir Lamorak in the Wii-exclusive video game, Sonic and the Black Knight. Although he doesn't appear in the main story mode, he's unlockable afterward, and uses two twin swords. Like Gawain, his Soul Surge is Gail Meteor. He is unlocked by obtaining five Mastery Stars in Great Megalith and it is only for multiplayer.

Sonic Generations

Jet appears as the statue in the hidden Statue Room in Sonic Generations.

Mario & Sonic series

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Jet was revealed in a Nintendo Magazine to appear in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, but appeared as a boss. Like Rouge, he is one of the rivals that challenges the player every couple of days in the Festival Mode.[4] In the DS Adventure tour Jet is in Cubyrinth waiting for Sonic to arrive so he can challenge him to see if he can beat him in Deluxe Halfpipe and when defeated he runs off promising to come back for a rematch later. In the Wii version, he challenges the player in Snowboard Cross.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Jet appears as a boss in the 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. When he runs into Sonic, Tails, Yoshi, Shadow, and Silver, who are looking for a fog machine, he says that he will claim it for the Babylon Rogues. He competes against Shadow in 3000m Steeplechase. When he is defeated, Tails asks for his help to find the fog machine. Jet tells him that the machine was already near them. He tries to destroy the machine (which is what Sonic wanted to do so the Games wouldn't be postponed) but bounces off the machine and gets dizzy. In the Wii version, he appears in London Party as a rival at times. He can challenge the player to Dream Discus. Also, players can win his costume with the scratch cards.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Jet makes another appearance in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Jet made an appearance as a playable character in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Jet appears as a playable guest character in the Football event.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Jet appears as a collectible trophy and sticker.

Name Image ID Description
Jet Jet - SSBB Trophy 543 A hawk who is the leader of the Babylon Rogues and also goes by the moniker "The Legendary Wind Rider." When it comes to Extreme Gear racing, there is no one better. Jet's extremely competitive and takes tremendous pride in winning, so you know things are going to be exciting when he takes on the speedy Sonic in an Extreme Gear battle.
Image Name Page ID Area of Effect Effect User
Jet The Hawk (Sonic Riders) 278 696 Leg Attack +17 Everyone

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Jet appears as a trophy in both versions of the game:

Wii U Trophy
Name Picture Description
Jet the Hawk JetTheHawkTrophyWiiU NA: Jet the Hawk, a.k.a. the Legendary Wind Master, has a lot of cool stuff going for him besides his name. He's amazing on his Extreme Gear, a flying skateboard. Unfortunately, he's no hero—he leads thieves called the Babylon Rogues, and he can't stand losing to Sonic in anything.

PAL: Being known as the Legendary Wing Master is pretty cool on its own, but to earn that title by being the greatest at riding flying skateboards called Extreme Gear? That's awesome! He's the cocky leader of the Babylon Rogues, a group of thieves, and he can't stand losing to Sonic.

Nintendo 3DS Trophy
Name Picture Description
Jet the Hawk JetTheHawkTrophy3DS NA: Jet the Hawk, a.k.a. the Legendary Wind Master, has a lot of cool stuff going for him besides his name. He's amazing on his Extreme Gear, a flying skateboard. Unfortunately, he's no hero—he leads thieves called the Babylon Rogues, and he can't stand losing to Sonic in anything.

PAL: Being known as the Legendary Wing Master is pretty cool on its own, but to earn that title by being the greatest at riding flying skateboards called Extreme Gear? That's awesome! He's the cocky leader of the Babylon Rogues, a group of thieves, and he can't stand losing to Sonic.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Jet appears as a spirit in the game.

Sonic Dash

In Sonic Dash, Jet appears as a playable character that was added to the game in the update to version 4.0.2. In order to unlock him, players have to restore the Mushroom Hill Zone.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Jet is one of the playable characters in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle who was added to the game's roster in the version 2.1.0 update. He has the following gameplay characteristics:

Rarity Speed Acceleration Strength Utilizable items
Rare 10/10 5/10 5/10

On 3 October 2019, Jet was re-released as "Ice Slicer Jet", a variant character of Jet dressed in an ice hockey-inspired costume as a part of the 2.13.0 update. Unlike Jet, Ice Slicer Jet does not ride Extreme Gear but performs in ice skates instead. This character has the following stats in gameplay:

Rarity Speed Acceleration Strength Utilizable items
Special 10/10 7/10 5/10


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