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Not to be confused with the Jet Engine.

The Jet Booster (高出力ブースター Kō Shutsuryoku Būsutā?, lit. High-Power Booster) is a Level Up Item for E-102 Gamma in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It is a standard equipment for most of the E-100 Series.

The Jet Booster reappeared in Sonic Battle where it was used by Chaos Gamma, Guard Robo, Emerl and E-121 Phi; Chaos Gamma due to being based on the original E-102 Gamma and Emerl and the E-121 Phi's due to their copycat skills.


The Jet Booster is from a series of octagon-shaped gravity-linked jet disks, created by Dr. Eggman for selected models of his E-100 Series namely E-101 Beta, E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon and E-102 Gamma itself. They are each have the same color as the robot they are designated to.

The Jet Booster allows the user to hover above ground for limited amounts of time, similar to Tails' Booster and Dr. Eggman's Jet Engine, except that the Jet Booster can make the user hover for a longer time.

In Sonic Battle, Chaos Gamma and Guard Robos use Jet Boosters to perform the Boost Jump and pursuits. E-121 Phis copying Gamma's moveset and an Emerl equiped with Boost Jump also use the Jet Booster for the same reason.


The Jet Booster is located in the Egg Carrier's Adventure Field, inside the Egg Carrier itself. It is found inside the Egg Carrier's armory, which can be accessed from the main hall on the upper floor. The Jet Booster is then placed directly under the entrance.

In other media

Sonic X

The Jet Booster appeared in the animated television series Sonic X. Following the adaptation of the Sonic Adventure storyline, Dr. Eggman created the E-101 Beta, E-102 Gamma, E-103 Delta and E-104 Epsilon as the crew on-board the Egg Carrier and equipped each of them with the Jet Booster.

Archie Comics

The Jet Booster also appeared in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog, but are referred to as Grav-Linked Jet Disks. Following the adaptation of Sonic Adventure in the comics, Dr. Eggman created his first E-Series of robots, namely E-101 Beta, E-102 Gamma, E-103 Delta and E-104 Epsilon and gave each of them a Grav-Linked Jet Disk. Despite not being physically shown during the E-Series introduction, they were clearly hinted during Dr. Eggman's attack on Angel Island.

After this adventure, E-102 Gamma ventured out on his own after leaving the Eggman Empire, and fought Eggman's forces. During that time he made great use of the Grav-Linked jet Disk, but at the time Shadow the Hedgehog came to recruit him on behalf G.U.N., it was considered outdated and was finally destroyed along with E-102 Gamma, after E-123 Omega destroyed E-102 Gamma itself.


  • The Jet Booster is the only Level Up Item in the Sonic series that is shared with non-playable characters.
  • It is the only Level Up Item to be used in a cutscene. It used when Gamma is deleting his registration for Eggman.
  • Interestingly, while neither Delta nor Epsilon sported a Jet Booster while on the Egg Carrier, both are seen with one in Windy Valley and Red Mountain respectively.
  • In the room where Gamma gets the Jet Booster, there is an unusual area; there is a hidden elevator (which is difficult to notice) behind the entrance at the left, which takes the player to an elevated aisle that sends Gamma to a separate platform just above the entrance (the only way to get there is through the Jet Booster). There's nothing there, the platform is empty, but the Jet Booster was likely supposed to be located there originally, with the location being changed due to the platform being difficult to reach.
  • Oddly, when the game encounter for Gamma with Sonic or Tails occurs, Gamma will have the Jet Booster in his fight even if he did not get prior that point.



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