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Jello Wobbla from Sonic the Comic #113. Black and white art by Bob Corona and colour by Nigel Dobbyn.

Jello Wobbla is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is the commander of the Blurrgh star-fleet, who leads them in their war against the Insectra Empire.


Like his Insectra counterpart, Dark Visor, Jello Wobbla continued the hostilities between the two peoples because of the perks he received as a leader, e.g. expense accounts and company vehicles. When the Blurrgh and Insectras landed on the planet of the peaceful Kaamdaarn, Jello Wobbla suggested a temporary truce with Dark Visor so that they could conquer the Kaamdaarn. However, when it became apparent that neither army's weapons would work on the Kaamdaarn planet, Wobbla was quickly apprehended by Shortfuse the Cybernik. Wobbla was further shocked when his people decided to end the war and settle down on the Kaamdaarn planet.[1]


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