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Jeffrey St. Croix, also known as Anti-Geoffrey St. John or Evil St. John, is Geoffrey St. John's evil counterpart from Moebius. St. Croix is seedier-looking than his good counterpart, and has a spiky punk haircut.



Jeffrey's original appearance.

He briefly led the Anti-Freedom Fighters. However, after repeated defeats, the others dumped him and Anti-Sally Acorn became the new leader. While he had almost no role, it can be assumed that he possesses all of his Prime version's negative qualities with none of the positive. (SSS #10)

At some point, Evil St. John was arrested by the Zone Cops and placed in Zone Jail, where he became a henchman of the former ruler of Moebius, King Maxx. King Maxx, following Scourge's idea of renaming Moebians so as not to be stuck in the shadow of Mobius, would force Evil St. John, along with all the other Moebians in prison, to rename himself. Which he did, becoming "Jeffrey St. Croix". After Scourge the Hedgehog arrived in Zone Jail, Maxx made a deal with him that as long as Scourge would not challenge his power in prison, Maxx's gang, Jeffrey included, would not kill him. After Scourge seemingly violated the deal with the arrival of the Destructix, Jeffrey, along with several thugs, escorted him to Maxx's cell. After Maxx gave the order to leave enough of Scourge to "be identified", Scourge, panicking, retaliated by headbutting St. Croix and kicking the others. However, St. Croix and the others would have succeeded in killing him had it not been for the Destructix coming to his rescue. (SU: #29)

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