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Jebediah Badger[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He was an anthropomorphic jungle badger, the ancestor of Sticks the Badger, an evil bank owner and land developer, and the founder of Hedgehog Village.[1]


Jebediah bore a distinct resemblance to his descendant Sticks the Badger, possessing a facial structure similar to hers and similar dark stripes of fur across each of his eyes, over his head and down his neck. Unlike Sticks though, Jebediah's ears were not fuzzy and his tail was much shorter. He was also seemingly taller and had a short, yet smooth mustache. For attire, he wore a high-class suit consisting of a small bowler hat, a highly decorated vest with two buttons, a jacket, a neckerchief, and dark shoes with bright gaiters over them.


TV series


Generations ago, Jebediah founded Badgerville, a village named after himself. Holding ownership over Badgerville, Jebediah used his influence to gain power through corruption of the system. To this end, he forced people out of their homes to develop on their lands and expand his fortune. Eventually, the villagers rebelled and chased Jebediah out of town. Despite this, he never relinquished his ownership of the land.[1]



The villagers' destroying Jebediah's legacy.

After Jebediah's banishment, the villagers destroyed all signs in Badgerville bearing his face and name, but they were too lazy to put up new ones. In time, Badgerville's name, and Jebediah's by extension, was forgotten; ultimately, the town became known as the "Unnamed Village". Regardless, the villagers' descendants would still scorn Jebediah and his family generations later. Eventually, they gave their town a new name untainted by Jebediah's influence.[1]

Jebediah's great-great granddaughter, and only descendant, Sticks the Badger, was deeply effected by him. To Sticks, Jebediah stood for everything she hated about government officials, and when the public learned of her relation to Jebediah, they would hate her so much that she nearly left town. On the other hand, as Jebediah's descendant, Sticks also inherited his ownership of the Unnamed Village, which she used to stop one of Dr. Eggman's plans and restore her reputation before handing the Village over to the people.[1]


Described as "the" authority figure of his time by Sticks the Badger, Jebediah Badger represented the worst kind of government official: greedy, selfish, oppressive and utterly corrupt. Ruthless and hungry for both power and wealth, Jebediah abused his authority without conscience or remorse to his own benefit; even when kicking families out of their homes, he would crack a sadistic smile. According to Sticks, he was also a shoddy sign constructor.[1]


  • Jebediah is the first named relative of a member on Team Sonic.


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